You Make a Story – Chapter 3

Part 3: “Leaving on a duck plane”

Want to catch up on earlier parts of the story?

And now… Chapter 3 – Part 3: “Leaving on a duck plane”

“Johnny,” Rebecca said, “are you and your friends ready to fly to Disneyland?”

“I am!” Rich exclaimed. “Where’s the plane?”

Dale giggled and yelled, “Da PLANE, boss! Da PLANE!” 😉

(OOC: Anyone else get that? lol)

(OOC: Yup! Yup! 🙂 )

OOC: I’m currently petsitting, but I’ll be thinking up another chapter to this story. I hope.

Everyone groaned at Dale’s comment. Jessi smiled. “You took the words right out of my mouth!”

Baloo looked over at Rich, answering, “It’s just a little ways away, but we’re gonna have to wait until Magic Kingdom closes for the night… Can’t have the guests seeing us take off.”

Jessi’s grin grew wider. “Not if we’re going right down the middle of Main St, USA!

After putting the Main Street USA straw hat back into Hammer Space(insert the little R with the circle here) where she grabbed it from, Jessi pondered aloud: “Wait a minute…will there be room for all of us! We’re probably gonna be smushed in Da plane–i mean, the plane.”

Penny’s smile hardened as she said, “Well, you’ll just have to make do. Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Rich didn’t reply but thought to himself that he liked the old “Barbie Doll” better…

Baloo encouraged all towards the plane, saying happily to them, “Well, the plane’s not going to fly itself ya know! Miss Cunningham here will make y’all very comfy, I’m sure. Won’tcha, Becky?”

“But, Basil,” Dawson said, “Why would we have to take off right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.?”

“Elementary, my dear Dawson,” Basil started to explain…

Rebecca had to roll her eyes at what Penny said. (‘Not even Scrooge McDuck was that bad,’ she thought to herself.)

“I made sure that the Sea Duck Mark II was comfortable enough to seat 75 people quite well in the cabin. That’s with a flight attendant and two bathrooms. And there’s plenty of room back in the cargo to match the original in the shows. And that’s not including the all-cargo version Baloo has to use for the occasional drop.”

Baloo nodded. “I had to do it recently in several food drops in several disaster areas. The kids love it.”

“But, Basil,” Dawson asked again, “Right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A.? Why can’t we take off on the runway the Sea Duck Mark II landed on?”

“Well, uh,” Baloo answered before Basil could start replying again, “I don’t know if this group would be up to taking off on that old, abandoned airstrip. I had a heck of a time landing it without crashing into the trees near the end of it.”

“The Walt Disney Company needed part of that unused runway for Michael Eisner’s hotel expansion plans,” Penny said, explaining why the runway was shortened. “And it would cost way too much to move your plane… I mean, aren’t you a good enough pilot to take off from the runway you landed on, Baloo?”

“You better believe it!” Baloo said, standing up to his full height, trying to hide his hurt pride.

“But, Baloo…” Rebecca Cunningham started to say…

“Now, Becky,” Baloo continued, turning to her, “Remember we outfitted the ol’ Sea Duck with vertical take-off devices. They do the job, most of the time…”

Johnny made the kind of expression you’d expect to see accompanied by a black screen with a single white line piercing across. “Most of the time?”

Meanwhile, about a half foot below his nose, a crystal is sensing one of those disturbances only a jedi would detect. Not enough for it to light up, but enough

“Quit yer twitchin’, mouse boy,” Baloo said with a smile and a pat on Johnny’s head. “Old Baloo will see ya through, no matter what happens.”

“No matter what happens?” Rich repeated, concerned.

“Enough talking, we have a schedule to keep,” Penny said, taking charge.

smart Narrator – Finally, after what seemed like a month of traveling, the plane was flying over sunny California!

“Are you a little afraid,” Dawson nervously asked Basil, “of f-f-flying?”

Basil replied confidently, “Dawson, ol’ chap, you of all people should know me by now! Remember where we first met?”

Dawson thought a bit while still nervously glancing out the window, “It was back in junior high school —”

“Elementary, my dear Dawson,” Basil interrupted.

Johnny looks out the window, and dispite this being his first time in an airplane, he was rather calm.

“You don’t seem that excited to be flying, Johnny,” Rebecca asked him.

Johnny just went “Meh, you should try tightrope walking the Tinker Bell guideway at the park. At full sprint.”

Rebecca had to blink at that.

“Had to.” Johnny shrugged. “Shere Kahn thought he’d use me to Super Size his happy meal. Just because I mentioned Animal Kingdom to him.”

smart Narrator – Just then, at the McDonald’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom…

“I-I’m sorry, Mr Khan, but we don’t have any JohnnyMeals! Just french fries!!” The terrified responded at the angry tiger waiting in line.


“Alright everyone, get ready for the landing, it could get bumpy!” Baloo warned to the others as they descended…

“There, piece of cake!” Baloo stated proudly as everyone wobbled off the plane.

“How can you talk about food at a time like this?” Dale hiccuped.

Penny jumped off the plane, as if unharmed or uneasy from the plane ride. “Alright, everyone! We need to keep moving.” she said bluntly.

Jessi whispered to Rich, “Something’s not right about Penny, Rich.. Call it a gut feeling, but I think this might be more than just a vacation.”

Johnny had the same feeling while he was tucked under Amber’s arm, but he kept quiet about it. He wanted to know more about where’s he’s going first. It wasn’t the first time he ran into something three blind mice style.

Dale looked around, feeling uneasy, and said, “Didja ever get the feeling we’re being watched?

Chip conked Dale on the head and exclaimed, “Don’t be silly!”

Rich replied sarcastically, “If he stops being silly, he’s out of a job.”

Johnny just looked over to the chipmunks: “Wish I had your problems.”

That only got his tail yanked by Amber. “Don’t jinx yourself.”

After a relatively safe landing …the gang disembarks from the plane to see Dizneluver on the tarmac with a huge sign that says WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA

Dale said, “Shouldn’t that be ‘DISNEY’S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE’?”

While chip bonked Dale on the head, Rich said, “Actually, no. The apostrophe and s got laid off in a cost-cutting measure.”

Far in the distance, a letter S and the apostrophe symbol could be seen, holding picket signs.

“I am so glad to see you guys here!” Said Dizneluver. “As you can see things are a bit out of whack at the Kingdom to the west and we could use some help!”

Amber walked down from the Sea Duck with Johnny under her arm. “Well, if it’s someone who can help you out here, I think I’ve got your mouse for the job.” She then holds up Johnny and boops her nose on his. “Provided he can keep himself outta trouble.”

“Aw, shuckies,” Johnny said.


To be continued…

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