You Make a Story – Chapter 3

Part 2: “Well I’m on my way, I don’t know where I’m going, I’m on my way”

“Man,” Rich thought as he turned off the TV, “I can’t believe Saturday Night Live did a skit about the Muppets tonight — and even included the ‘Moving Right Along’ song! Are they so desperate they’re getting comedy ideas from EchoEars?!?”


Amber asked Johnny, “You have a lot more friends than that… How come you didn’t talk on the phone to many people about winning the contest?”

Johnny watched Amber pack and told her, “Some were not available to talk so I left voicemail messages for them, emailed others.”

“Gotten any email replies yet?” Amber asked.

“No,” Johnny said, then had a thought and said, “Spam filters might have prevented them from getting the message, since I wrote about winning a free all-expense-paid trip to Disneyland and I’m inviting them to come.”

“Yeah, that might be it,” Amber nodded.


smart Narrator – Meanwhile, back in merry Olde England, Basil and Dodson had finished packing.

“So, Basil,” Dodson said, hefting their mice-sized suitcases towards the door, “how will we get ourselves over there?”

“Elementary, my dear Dodson,” Basil said, looking out the window up into the sky. “The same way we got over to the states before…”

Dawson finally realized what Basil was talking about as a bright yellow light headed towards them…


smart Narrator – Meanwhile, Jessi had just met up with Rich and the others as they were all talking about how excited they were about the free trip.

“Ahh..vacation…FREE vacation…yeah, this’ll be wicked exciting!” Jessi exclaimed while making sure she had enough memory space on her camera. “Especially since it’s been a while since we’ve gotten together!”


Rich was happy to see all his adventurer friends again but just then had a thought and said, “Hmmm, Johnny, you never did tell me HOW we were all getting to Disneyland…”


Meanwhile, at a private airstrip at the east of World Drive, a large sea plane makes its approach, its optional wheels lowered under the floats for a dry landing. At each side of the plane was a sign designating both the name of the plane and the company it is from: The Sea Duck Mark III, Higher for Hire.

As the wheels touch down on the underused runway, its two occupants resumed an argument they had when they took off earlier.

“Oh my goodness, Baloo! I knew this patch of runway’s too short!”

“Fear Not, Becky, Like I said, I have it covered!”

The Sea Duck Mark III was Baloo’s little pet project ever since his stint in Cape Suzette ended. He spent most of his free weekends adding various bits and tweaking various components to the antique-looking airplane. The Mark III boasts a cockpit incorporated from a F-16, jet engine turbines from commercial jets, and several banks of rockets placed strategically on the plane for short distance take offs . . . or in this case, landings.

Two banks of four rockets, one on each side of the nose, fired at once, slowing the plane to a stop.

“There, you see, Becky,” Baloo said in the pilot’s seat. “Nothing to worry aobut. I had all the bugs ironed out of the STOL system long before we were hired to do this gig.” He gave the co-pilot a sly grin. “Now would you believe me that we have nothing to worry aobut.”

Rebecca Cunningham gave him a half snort, half smile. As much as the bear irks her, she by now has grown to like the lug. “I’ll let you know when I put my eyes back in my sockets.”

“Yer eyes are perfectly fine, Rebecca.”

“Oh you. I just hope it ain’t as hard on our passengers, that’s all. We’ve probably got a whole group that Disney’s newest winner’ll send with him to California.”

As Rebecca got out of the chair, Baloo looked back. “Doesn’t it seem strange that Disney would give this trip to one of their own. I mean, he’s a mouse and all.”

“He’s not a Disney Character by any stretch, Baloo. I’ve got a picture of him.” Rebecca handed him the picture of Johnny.

“Oh, I heard of this guy. Johnny Briz, the local freerunner from Celebration. But wasn’t he running around with Mickey during all that stuff with a keyblade?”

“Johnny Briz isn’t a Disney character, Fly Boy. So he’s fair game as the Dream Crew goes. Besides, I’m pulling some strings to give the little action star a chance of a big break. Aaaaaand . . .”

Baloo laughed. “I know you too well, Beckers. You want to see if a Johnny Briz flick can earn you a profit.”

Rebecca wasn’t plussed. “Unlike you, mister, I have plans. You have a plane that doubles as your wife.” And with that, she climbed out the door with a rope ladder. “And don’t drink too much as Louie’s will you? You might be piloting back sooner than you expected.”

It was Baloo’s turn to half grumble, half chuckle, as he saw a sedan pull over to pick up the business bear, followed by someone the bear thought was a Barbie doll dressed like a stewardess, only with brown hair in a bun and a more realistic smile, push a staircase into place.


“What the–” Rich said as he felt a drop on his arm which he first thought was rain, but looking at it he saw it was golden and glowing. Looking up, he said, “Tink! What have you got there?!?”

Walking up behind Rich, Marsha tried to figure out what the glowing golden liquid was on his forearm..

“Uh, Rich, what is Tink up to?”

“Well,” Rich said, “Tink answered me but I don’t speak ‘Jingle.’ So I don’t know what she meant. I can’t see up there too well because of the sun’s glare on my glasses — and I can’t see a thing without them! As to what’s on my arm, Marsha, it is pixie dust diluted with my perspiration.”

“Hey!” Jessi said. “I can see! It’s Basil and Dawson!” Jessi exclaimed, seeing the two fly towards the adventurers.

“Look out below!!” Dawson exclaimed, having fun flying.

“Pixie dust, huh?” Johnny smirked. “I was thinking it was something else that landed on Rich’s arm…”

“That’s what I was thinking too, Johnny…. maybe Tink had a accident.” As soon as the words were out of Marsha’s mouth, a feisty little fairy was flitting around her head jingling big time! “Sorry, Tink, I couldn’t resist!”

smart Narrator – Basil and Dawson looked more sorry, because with Tink’s wild flying they landed with a PLOP on Johnny’s head!

“Wha?!” Was all Johnny would say when he felt something land on his head. He tried to scratch, but when he only saw the dust in his hand all he thought of was:

“Gosh, first I got up too early to beat up a lawyer, but now I have dandruff. Disneyfied dandruff, nonetheless, considering where I’m living. I might need to get some head and shoulders before I go, Amber.”

Between the follicles of JB’s mane, Tink is thinking, “Dandruff? What does this silly [radio edit] think I am, chopped . . . . wait a minute . . .”

The glowing ball turned orange as it floated up above Johnny’s head. Tink continued her thought, not out loud in bells: “Did someone just censor me?!”

Nobody heard it, including Johnny Briz. “Oh, that was just you, Tink? That’s a relief. For a moment I thought my scalp flakes could make people fly.”

“Beg your pardon, ol’ chap!” Dawson said, climbing down Johnny’s tuft of hair with Basil following him. “Sort of a crash landing, I’d say.”

“Johnny,” Basil asked, “would you mind helping us to the ground and off of your nose?”

“My everybody’s flying Tink Airways.” Johnny said as he helps the two mice down. “Now if only they could make that flying coaster DVK sometimes talks about.”

Rich turned to Johnny and said, “Speaking of which, Johnny, I was wondering how Disney was getting all of us to Disneyland…”

“Oh, yeah!” Johnny replied, “Some airline I suppose.”

smart Narrator – Just then, a big black sedan pulled up to the group. The driver’s door opened up and Johnny had a flashback to Tour Guide Barbie when he saw the woman who looked like a Barbie doll dressed like a stewardess step out, only she had brown hair up in a bun and her smile was genuine and not plastic.

“Johnny Briz! I’m so happy to see you again!!” she said, running over to Johnny and reaching down and lifting him up in a big hug. “Congratulations!”

“Mphfff!” was all Johnny could say, surrounded by her uniform.

“Wow! Such service!” Rich smiled. “So, what airline is taking all of us to Disneyland?”

At that moment, a brown bear in a business suit and striped brunette hair stood out from the car, and saw the scene of the driver and just scratched her head.

“Should I be seeing this?” was all Rebecca Cunningham would say. She then turned to the other people. “Oh hello there, I was wondering where a certain Johnny Briz would be . . . wait a minute.”

She pointed to the mouse practically buried in reformed doll. “He’s Johnny?” She then gave a more serious look at the driver. “Okay, you. You can pull him out now.”

The mouse inhaled gallons as he’s pulled away. “Guess they . . . still like me . . .”

That’s when she got her first good look at Johnny first hand.

“Aren’t you Tour Guide Barbie?” Rich asked the smiling brunette. “You’ve changed your hair color!”

“Oh, that’s not all I’ve changed, thanks to Johnny here helping me to get my life together. I’ve changed my job and even my name!”

“So, what is your name now, my dear?” Basil asked her politely.

“Penny! Penny Pincher! And I work in Disney’s accounting department now.”

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Johnny murmured.

“Baloo,” Rebecca Cunningham said to the big bear, “Doesn’t Johnny remind you of Mickey Mouse?”

“Oh, yeah… yeah, he does!” Baloo answered, looking around. “But my parched throat is reminding me of Louie’s… Hey!” Baloo said to all of them brightly, “Where’s a bear go to get something to drink around here?”

“Pooh’s hunny pot?” Johnny said with a smirk.


(Jessi OOC: Penny Pincher from Accountings…hmm is Scrooge McDuck one of the managers there?)

(Rich OOC: Wasn’t he forced to take “early retirement” already?
Penny works for a cheaper salary than he did!)


Continued in Chapter 3 – Part 3: “Leaving on a duck plane”


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