You Make a Story – Chapter 3

Part 1: “Movin’ Right Along”

It was your basic townhouse in Celebration, Florida… Humble two story townhouse over a well manicured and landscaped lawn. Birds singing in the trees and flowers blooming in the bushes. “Marichello” listed in the mailbox by the walkway.

And on this sleepy morning, just as the sun was rising, a small group of people on that walkway approached the townhouse’s front door.

Inside, a rather unique member of the Marichello household is curled up and sleeping on a sofa. Being on Disney property, you almost expected Mickey Mouse to live there.

Well, they have the mouse part right.

Amber found Johnny Briz some time ago when she was riding a light rail car on her way home from a rather disappointing visit with the Disney Execs. Times were tough and there wasn’t any jobs for her to live up to her dream of being a part of the Disney magic, except as a castmember, but she was too young even for that. The image of her nearly being bowled over by this two and a half foot field mouse–who would later talk–almost seemed pulled right out of Walt Disney’s personal history.

She took Johnny home, made sure she’s healthy–having a veterinarian mother helps–and got to know her little mousie better. Turned out that he was well skilled in freerunning and even does Tae Kwan Do, making him a pint sized action star. It was Amber who tossed in some Classic Cartoons into the mix, including the black panted jumpsuit version of Mickey’s famous shorts, gloves, and shoes which Johnny took to liking, and started to film his antics on You Tube.

The videos went viral, and Johnny began to be pretty much well known. It was almost expected for Disney to find out about him. Fortunately it was Mickey who got to him first, as he and a group of ‘EchoEars’ (A local Disney Fan Group) unearthed a secret part of Disney World history resulting in the rediscovery of Walt Disney’s Keyblade.

The Keyblade is safe now, locked up at Mickey’s [private] home. And life for the EchoEars–and their by proxie mascot–returned back to normal. Ambers videos of the adventures was by far the most watched part of the whole scenario.

Which is why Johnny almost expected to hear footsteps coming up the walkway. Even if he is asleep.

He opened one eye to see shadows through the windows.

“Gosh, Visitors this time in the morning? Some of us hadn’t had breakfast yet.”

There was a knock on the door as Johnny stretched cat-like squeezing out a yawn. He slipped his feet in the white and black shoes, slipped on his shirt with the Black vest, and headed to the door.

“I hope you guys ain’t lawyers,” Johnny said to the door. “We fed the last one to the Kracken and I doubt he’ll be hungry for a while.”

Johnny sleepily crashed into the coffee table on the way to the front door. That noise plus the loud, insistant knocking on the door woke Amber up, who entered the living room from the bedroom.

“Who could that be at this hour?” she said, going to the door with Johnny. Opening it, they were almost blinded by camera flashes and a bright steady light used by a live webcam, operated by a clean-cut crew dressed in pressed pants, shirts and white vests.

“We’re from Disney’s Celebration Team!” a blonde woman who bore a striking resemblance to Tour Guide Barbie said perkily. “Tell them what they’ve won, Johnny!”

Disney Echo Lawyer… who knew he was named Johnny and talked like a TV game show announcer? — smiled and said, “An all-expense paid trip for you and your friends to Disneyland in sunny Southern California!”*

*He then talked even faster, reading the fine print from his legal notes, which Amber and Johnny were too groggy to totally comprehend because they had just woken up after a late night.

“Great,” Amber said, half asleep and still in her nightgown. “Anudder one. Johnny, sic ‘im boy!”

With that, a just as groggy Johnny managed to produce a Piko Piko Hammer that Amy Rose would be jealous over, and started to hold it like he was Triple H.

Tour Guide Barbie leaned up to the still-talking lawyer to say, “Dude, run.” And then she backed away with the others.

Unfortunately the lawyer didn’t stop until he had to come up for breath, which was a second before . . .

Johnny: SHO-RYU-KEN!

Nobody knew how on earth Johnny Briz could have managed it, but he actually Dragon Punched the lawyer into the sky until he was nothing but a twinkle.

Especially in his condition, as he half blinked up to Tour Guide Barbie, once more too tired to even lift that hammer. “Can u pleez come back later or hava pickmeup somewhere fer me, kthanx.”


Meanwhile, South of Cuba, on board the Flying Dutchman, the crew woke up not to the usual bell and whistle, but by someone crashlanding on the deck. Every monster, half monster, and former monster thanks to some broken curses, rushed up to take on whoever was foolish enough to board their vessel . . .

Only to groan in visible disappointment over who is was.

One of them shouted up at the quarter deck. “SON! IT’S ANOTHER [RADIO EDIT] DISNEY LAWYER!”

Captain William Turner was not the worse for wear being the one running the famous ghost ship for so long, surprising if you knew how the former captain looked like. “WHAT?! Oh, for the love of . . . that’s the fifth one this week! Who’s been tossing us these vermin?”

Bootstrap Turner still looked pretty much like himself after his curse was broken, but he chosen to remain on board for the sake of his son. “There’s a small list of folk who’s been punting them to us . . . Oh, look boys, I see the indentation . . . of a Piko Piko Hammer.”

There was some grunts of recognition, followed by someone in the back going, “I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS, JOHNNY BRIZ!”

That got some much approving applause.

William gave the crew a dismissive wave of his hand. “Toss him overboard with the others. I’m sure the Kracken will play with him some more before he eats them.”

“With Pleasure,” Bootstrap replied as the lawyer was dragged away. “I doubt these waste of skin are even worth a meal for the beastie. They make us Pirates look like respectable gents.”


By that time, Johnny and Amber were stirred awake enough to see the others. “If it’s about those late payments on my magazines, I can explain everything,” was all Amber could say between sips of coffee.

“No, you don’t understand!” Tour Guide Barbie told them with a smile. “You’ve been selected by the Celebration Team for you and your friends to go to Disneyland, on us!”

“You mean it won’t cost us a thing…” Amber said, with the news just starting to sink in.

“And,” Johnny broke in, “take all our friends along, too?!?”

“Uh-huh, that’s right!” Barbie chirped.

“Ohmygosh,” Johnny said as his ears twitched excitedly. “Wait’ll the gang hears [b]this[/b] good news!” Johnny exclaimed as he got out his iPhone to make some calls.

OOC: If any EchoEars would like to jump into the You Make A Story game as themselves or some Disney character you’d like to portray, now’s a great time to do it! Write a short reply here as if you or your character is getting a phone call from Johnny Briz asking you if you’d like to join him and his other friends on a trip to Disneyland!


“Thank you, and have a magical day!” Jessi smiled as the Guest walked away, relieved that they were able to find a dining reservation for Chef Mickey’s at the last minute. Jessi adjusted her Wilderness Lodge costume, which was a long sleeved, button up, cranberry-red shirt tucked into a long, dark forest green skirt. Being back at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge was, in Jessi’s eyes, a good thing. Oh, how she missed being a Cast Member! After her adventure with her Disney friends, going on a treasure hunt and all… she just HAD to get back to work once again for Mickey! mickey

Just then, Jessi’s supervisor came over to see her. “Jess, we have enough people here for the rest of the shift today…since you have a half hour left for your shift, do you want to ER?” (OOC: For those who don’t know are aren’t familiar with the Cast Member Lingo, ER is code for Early Release…NOT for Emergency Room wink laughbig )

Jessi beamed. She had been working since 6:30 that morning, and was more than happy to leave work early!

After she clocked out, and got into ‘normal’ clothes– blue jean capris and a Pirates of the Carribean t-shirt– her iPhone beeped, saying she had one new Voice Message….

“Jessi? JESSI?? It’s Johnny! You won’t believe it! We won an all-expense trip to Disneyland, California..Can you believe it?! I’m gonna call the others, but let’s all meet up at my place! Talk to ya soon!”

Jessi couldn’t believe it! California?? She’d never been there before! She got in her car, and then was off!


Marsha was sitting at her desk, just checking out Facebook and the Echo for the day when her cell phone rang….

“Hi, Marsha! How are you?”

“Fine Johnny! What’s up?”

“Well, I was wondering how fast you could pack a bag?”

“Is this a trick question?”

“Nope! We’ve all won a trip to Disneyland, all expenses paid by the Mouse!”

“Are you kidding? I’ll be at your house in an hour!” Marsha said as she snapped the phone shut and grabbed her travel backpack (which she pretty much kept packed and ready to go anywhere! )


Rich was woken up by his iPhone after being sound asleep after having had an exhausting day of work the night before. After answering it and hearing Johnny’s news, he thought he was still dreaming!

“Disneyland? Wow, sure! Thanks, Johnny! I have vacation time I need to take soon anyway, so I’ll be able to get off and join y’all. I can leave today!” Rich said, getting dressed while he talked.


Johnny paused between calls: “Good gosh, you’d think that the phone companies would learn how to do multiple sends like in E-mail . . . Hiya, This is Johnny Briz . . . yeah, get what landed in my front lawn this morning . . . no, it’s not one of Pluto’s Land Mines . . .”

“I was wondering,” Amber replied over her cup of coffee, “why you didn’t use the conference call feature on your iPhone… Is it not working after you jailbroke the iPhone?”

Johnny’s “DOH!” was Simpsons-like.


Rich was excited as he got off the phone with Johnny Britz and hummed “Movin’ Right Along” as he quickly threw some things in a small suitcase. He chuckled, remembering Fozzie Bear’s remark as he and Kermit the Frog headed to California, “‘A bear in his natural habitat… a Studebaker!’ That always cracks me up,” Rich said, laughing. He paused for a moment as a thought struck him, then talked out loud again (to himself), “Hmm, an ‘all-expense paid trip’… I wonder if Disney has cut back and is sending Fozzie Bear to drive all of us to Disneyland in an old car!”


Johnny turned off his iPhone after making the last of the conference calls. (OOC: Feel free to make your first post before he did so, folks… Now back to IC: ) “I do hope it doesn’t involve going all the way to Callie on Fozzie’s Studebaker. It’s became a rattle trappin money pit lately.”


Somewhere on the road, his head under the hood of his Studebaker, Fozzie Bear said, “Someone must be talking about me… my ears are burnin’!”

“Fozzie!” Kermit the Frog shouted, “Your engine’s on fire!”

“Good one, Kermit! Wakka-wakka!” Fozzie answered.

“PUT OUT THE FIRE, FOZZIE!!!” Kermit shouted even louder.

“Yes, sir,” Fozzie answered.


OOC: rofl2

smart Narrator – Ah, it feels so good to be back! biggrin


Meanwhile, somewhere in London- 221 1/2 B Baker St, to be exact – underneath the home of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, lives the Great Mouse Detective, Basil Of Baker Street.

“Dawson, I believe it is time for a little vacation!” Basil exclaimed. “I have just recieved a call from our good friend Johnny, and we have been invited to go on a free vacation to California with the others!”

“Free?” Dawson said. “Hmm…you sure there isn’t a catch, Basil?”

Basil shook his head. “Oh, don’t fret, ol’ chap. Besides, it has been quite some time since we’ve all been together! Quickly, Dawson! Not a moment to lose!” Basil announced, grabbing two empty suitcases, and a Bahama t-shirt. “We must pack!”


“Did you ever get the feeling you were being watched?” Kermit asked Fozzie Bear.

“Sure! All the time,” Fozzie answered. “Like now while you’re watching me fluff up the fur on my ears after you doused them with water.”

“Well, they were catching on fire from the engine…” Kermit said, a bit sheepishly.

“No prob-lem!” Fozzie said cheerfully.

“But what I mean is,” Kermit continued, “I have a feeling you and I are being watched right now.”

smart Narrator – A rustling in the bushes nearby and high-pitched giggling gave away the location of two small chipmunks, who then came rolling into view, laughing.

“Sorry!” Chip and Dale said in unison. “You guys are just so funny!” Chip added.

“Yeah!” Dale agreed. “You guys should team up and do comedy together!”

Chip bonked Dale on the head for that.

“Wakka-wakka!” said an appreciative Fozzie Bear to what Dale said.


Continued in Part 2, here


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