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Apple iPhone Special Event — A Party Invitation Pinkie Pie Would Love

20130903-190052.jpgRainbow Dash would approve because the Apple party on September 10th just got 20% cooler!

Pinkie Pie would also approve:

Pinkie Pie finds an iPhone 5:

PMV: Party with Pinkie (VIP):

The above bit of My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic is in response to haters of the new colorful look Apple is making available for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iOS 7. ^-^
“Pinkie Pie – Out of Control Party Animal” by AwesomeCAS was overlaid onto Apple’s event invitation to make the graphic at the top of this post.

How to lock in the price of your used iPhone now, send it in when you get a new iPhone

As the launch date of Apple’s new iPhone gets closer, the value of your old iPhones tends to depreciate rather quickly.

But thanks to what Gazelle announced today, you can lock in the price of your used iPhone now, then send it in to Gazelle for cash when you have your new iPhone in your eager hands.

This means instead of having the usual 30-day price lock guarantee, it is now extended to up to 50 days (for orders placed between now and September 10, 2013) — you can hold on to your current iPhone until October 15th to send it to Gazelle, giving you plenty of time to transition to your new iPhone. And with this new Extended Price Lock Guarantee you’ll lock in today’s price no matter if the value of your old iPhone goes down after the new iPhone comes out.

Apple is expected to announce new iPhones on September 10th with availability rumored to be on September 20th.

“Our price lock promotion allows savvy consumers to maximize the value of their old iPhone and lets them wait until after the new iPhone is here to send in their old one,” said Sarah Welch, chief marketing officer, Gazelle. “In many cases we pay enough to cover the full cost of upgrading to a new phone. We’ve been doing this quietly for years to help our customers get great value despite the potential challenges of getting their hands on a new iPhone in the early days of a launch, and we’re delighted to extend the price lock program even further this year.”

You can trade in every model of the iPhone except the first-generation one. Values go as high as $350 for an unlocked 64GB iPhone 5.

Here’s what to do: Go to Gazelle using this link, select “iPhone,” then use their online form to select what model and carrier you have, and the condition of your phone. They’ll quote a price and send shipping materials to you for free. After locking in your price, simply send Gazelle your old iPhone by October 15th and they’ll send you the cash. They even pay for shipping your old iPhone to them so you don’t have to.

20130823-125829.jpgAnd by using this link to Gazelle that I’m giving you, get an extra $10 reward on your first trade-in!

In addition, earn an additional 5% by taking payment with an Amazon gift card instead of a check. It’s your choice!

I’ve used Gazelle to get cash for my old iPhones for years and I recommend them highly. I first blogged about it here.

I’m making $215 $230 selling my old iPhone 4S to @gazelle but you could get even more!

20130823-125829.jpgYes, I locked in a deal of getting $215 UPDATE: $230 for selling my old iPhone 4S. Here’s how you’ll get cash for your used iPhone, other cellphone, MacBook or other electronic gadgets from @gazelle: Use my link to get an extra $10 reward on your first trade-in! Gazelle extra $10 reward

Plus, when you choose to sell your gadget to @gazelle, you can get your money in a check or earn an additional 5% by taking payment with an Amazon gift card. It’s your choice!

I’ve sold my old iPhones with @gazelle for many years and have always had an excellent experience with them. Any questions? Leave a reply here and I’ll help.

Give @gazelle a try and make money from your old gadgets: Gazelle extra $10 reward

UPDATE: I checked back later in the day and the offer price had gone UP by ten dollars! So, I cancelled the agreement that they’d pay me $215 and then made a new agreement for $230.

BEIGNETS! And Walt’s Magical Adventure

Tap here to see my beignets story!

The above story was made with the new Story app from Disney.

And here’s another one:
Walt’s Magical Adventure

The images in Walt’s Magical Adventure were created in Disney’s HAPPINESSCAM app.

What are your thoughts about this? — leave a reply below or follow me (@DisneyEcho) on Twitter and leave a comment there!

In iOS 7, Apple wants to own your car’s console with Maps and Siri integration

Looking forward to this in my car some day. -Rich

What are your thoughts about this? — leave a reply below or follow me (@DisneyEcho) on Twitter and leave a comment there!

iPhone iOS 6 Bug with Sounds

This sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed by Apple… (pun intended).

On your iPhone’s music player (either the default one or the optional Podcasts app), if the app’s volume is set all the way down (or close to it), you won’t hear some alert sounds — including incoming phone call alerts! You can test this and (not) hear it for yourself: Lower the Podcasts or iPod Music player app’s volume to zero on your iPhone, then in Settings >;;;>;;; Sounds tap on any of your chosen or default ringtones, text tones, or alert sounds. For most of them you won’t hear anything until you make the Podcasts/music player app’s volume somewhere other than all the way over to screen left (silent). The Mute switch’s position doesn’t matter.

I had this problem and discovered the solution on Apple’s Support Communities discussion forum here:

I imagine this is for all iOS 6 devices, but I’ve only tested it with iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1. Let me know in a reply if you’ve noticed this on your Apple iDevice, too.

Update: Now that I’ve done the bug fix (using the method above) on my iPhone, the bug is not reappearing. I tested it on a friend’s iPhone 5 (running iOS 6.1.1 like mine is) and the same problem with sounds was on his. This might be an intermittent bug. Also, when in the Sounds area of the Settings app, be sure to test it with more than just one type of sound—try it with Ringtone, Text Tone, New Voicemail, etc.

Update 2: Another friend also running the newest version of iOS 6 tried this on her iPhone 4S and has the same bug. A different friend with an iPhone 4 who did not upgrade to iOS 6 yet doesn’t have the bug on his iPhone.

iPhone — The Missing Manual for iOS 6, iPhone 5 and earlier iPhones


It’s here! The latest version of David Pogue’s iPhone: The Missing Manual

With the iOS 6 software and the new iPhone 5, Apple has two world-class hits on its hands. This sleek, highly refined pocket computer comes with everything—cellphone, iPod, Internet, camcorder—except a printed manual. Fortunately, David Pogue is back with this expanded edition of his witty, full-color guide: the world’s most popular iPhone book.

The important stuff you need to know:

The iPhone 5. This book unearths all the secrets of the newest iPhone. Taller screen, faster chip, 4G LTE Internet, thinner than ever.
The iOS 6 software. Older iPhones gain Do Not Disturb, the new Maps app, shared Photo Streams, camera panoramas, smarter Siri, and about 197 more new features. It’s all here.
The apps. That catalog of 750,000 add-on programs makes the iPhone’s phone features almost secondary. Now you’ll know how to find, manage, and exploit those apps.

The iPhone may be the world’s coolest computer, but it’s still a computer, with all of a computer’s complexities. iPhone: The Missing Manual is a funny, gorgeously illustrated guide to the tips, shortcuts, and workarounds that will turn you, too, into an iPhone addict.

Also take a look at my blog post written last year about how I became the tech editor for this helpful and informative book.

Order iPhone: The Missing Manual at

Update: Thanks, David!


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