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Weird stuff viewed on the Disney Echo this yEAR

Crunchy numbers

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This Disney Echo blog had 28,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals. But probably not very well.

Disney Echo readers are weird. Or maybe I’m weird, I forget. But here are the posts that somehow got the most views in 2012:

Subliminal Message in Disney Tangled Marketing

Ghost orb photo courtesy D.Frazier, http://www.diannespiritlight.comTitanic Ghost Tour

Disney Park AppNew Official Disney Parks iPhone App Features Augmented Reality And Official Wait Times

TangledDisney Tangled: Spoilers

Free iPhone app lets you zoom while recording

Disneyland PeopleMover, Innoventions replacement, Tomorrowland revamp, Frontierland expansion approved? Here’s why

Song of the SouthDisney rereleases classic Song of the South

Lego Store at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney

20121110-130130.jpgiPhone — The Missing Manual for iOS 6, iPhone 5 and earlier iPhones

20121112-183334.jpgiPhone iOS 6 Bug with Sounds

20120929-200532.jpgHappy birthday, Siri!

20120921-153417.jpg Siri vs Siri: The battle of the iPhone 5 turn-by-turn navigation apps

20120304-200613.jpgSiri and iPad 3

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful year!

When they shed the parking traditions on Walt Disney’s Studio lot

Back in the days when Walt Disney would drive his car along this street in the Walt Disney Studio in Burbank, California, many studio staffers wanted to park near Walt — but not for the obvious reason.

Disney animator and writer Floyd Norman shares a look in his rear view mirror at a time when one could see how well a man was doing at the studio by where he got out of his car in the morning — and if he had it made in the shade.

See Floyd’s latest article, Undercover (Parking) at Disney Studio, for an insider’s view of how one aspect of the studio has changed over the years.

You’ll also enjoy Floyd’s daily blog posts at Mr. Fun.

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An Evening with Disney Archivist Dave Smith

"Dave Smith"

Illustration © Disney.

My wife, son and I were lucky enough to meet Dave Smith in his office at the Archives this summer. It was the first time for our son, but my wife and I had previously introduced ourselves to Dave Smith at one of the Official Disneyana Conventions.

In 1997, in the persona as “Mickey,” I had the pleasure of hosting Dave Smith for a special evening online as he discussed his career with Disney and talked about all the Disney history in the Archives. I hope you enjoy reading it…

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You Make A Story: Virtual Disney Travel

Sometimes, life being what it is, you just can’t take a Disney vacation as often as you’d like. That doesn’t stop you from dreaming and imagining what your next trip will be. Your imagination can bring you to far off magical lands even quicker than the fastest jet plane!

Here on the Disney Echo Eyes and EchoEars Travel Blog you can take a virtual Disney vacation by reading the trip reports as well as taking part in the Disney Echo’s ongoing interactive story-creation game, “You Make A Story.”

See background information about what “You Make A Story” is all about by clicking here or jump right into Chapter 3 – Part 1 – “Movin’ Right Along” by clicking here.

You can participate by leaving comments or by becoming a Disney EchoEar and actively adding to the ongoing story!

Either way, we hope you enjoy the story and have a great time as we do some virtual Disney travel.

Disney’s Oliver and Company

Heading into downtown Los Angeles? This sounds like a fun thing to do!


We enjoyed the stage show we saw at the El Capitan Theatre before WALL-E during our last trip to Disneyland, and both the stage show and movie presentation were great! I’m sure “Oliver and Company” will look wonderful with the El Cap’s digital projection as well.

Then having breakfast with Mickey and Minnie at Disney’s Soda Fountain & Studio Store would be something I’d like to do before heading into the theatre. The restaurant is not all that big so there’s sure to be lots of “face time” with the characters.

Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer Cheryl dies at age 64 of cancer

Mouseketeer Cheryl of TV’s original Mickey Mouse Club dies of cancer

Cheryl Lynn Phelps (later Cheryl Holdridge after marriage) was born in New Orleans before her family moved to Los Angeles when she was a child. She died January 5, 2009 in Santa Monica, CA after battling lung cancer for the past several years.

Our condolences and prayers go out to her soul as well as her family, friends and many fans.

“Through the years we’ll all be friends wherever we may be…”

Disneyland, One Last Time

After our sightseeing in Los Angeles which included seeing WALL•E at the El Capitan Theatre then seeing our engraved paving stone in front of Ollie Johnston’s train station near the Disney Tunnel in Griffith Park, we got back to our room at the Disneyland Hotel as the sun was starting to set. Here’s the view from our room of that:

The construction crane (in the above picture on the right and the picture below in the center) is being used in the expansion of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. If the hotel wasn’t there, we’d also have a great view of Disney’s California Adventure.

After freshening up, we headed out through Downtown Disney to spend one last time that trip in Disneyland.

If  you count us going to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on the previous day, we actually did take time to see a movie on this Disney vacation… we just didn’t do it in this very conveniently-located AMC Theater in Downtown Disney.

We were in luck! Monorail Red came into the Downtown Disney monorail station after a short wait and we were able to take it into Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

Gates keep new passengers behind a  half-fence until all the passengers get off of the monorail.

Here we are, inside the monorail, looking through the open door and a partially-open window. That’s the maximum amount the windows will open — designed to prevent Guests from jumping out (amazing that one has to do things to stop stupid people from doing things like that). However, it was quickly learned that the interior of the monorail would get way too hot in the California sun, so these windows will be redesigned/replaced with ones that slide down, like the older monorails’ windows.

A big tip of the mouse-eared hat to the designer of the backlit Disneyland Monorail logo!

How would Guests get out through these windows in an emergency?

There’s the Main Street Train Station as we speed along towards Tomorrowland’s monorail station.

We hadn’t seen Mickey’s Toontown at night, so we walked there first. Sadly, Roger Rabbit’s CarToon Spin was already closed for the night.

His wacky fountain was still lit up and running!

One last look over our shoulder at the ToonTown hills and Mickey’s ToonTown itself.

Approaching the Matterhorn, with Michael shooting a video of it.

It is great to see that they still draw portraits of Guests in a courtyard at New Orleans Square…

…and how faithful Walt Disney was in recreating a bit of the French Quarter at Disneyland.

This is near the back of New Orleans Square, with the restrooms down the alley on the right and the Frontierland/New Orleans Square train station behind us.

Gotta go on one last ride at Pirates of the Caribbean!

“We wants the redhead!”

“Quiet, ya scums!”

Main Street USA is ablaze with the new-fangled turn-of-the-century invention, the incandescent lightbulb.

Any Hidden Mickey’s in the arrangement of flowers there in Town Square?

One last look at floral Mickey and the Main Street Train Station, with Tinker Bell aglow…

…as she gives us a “goodnight kiss” of pixie dust. A farewell Disneyland memory of this trip.

The picture above and the two below combine to make a panoramic last look at the entrance to Disney’s California Adventure.

There are plans to change this entry way so this might be the last time we see it with our own eyes this way.

And now, one last walk through the exit of the plaza between DCA and Disneyland…

As we enter Downtown Disney for the last time this trip…

…we see a poignant message from three of our favorite Disney Characters…

We hope to seeya real soon, too, guys!

Each entrance to the giant World of Disney store is decorated differently.

It was hard to resist going in one last time, but we had an early plane to catch the next morning — and packing to do before then.

Bye-bye, World of Disney!

One last walk through Downtown Disney.

And then, all too soon, a last nighttime view of the Disneyland Hotel.

I can see our room from here!

Tired, but happy after a wonderful vacation that ended all too soon, before sunrise on Saturday morning I drove our rented SUV to in front of the Disneyland Hotel lobby where we had just checked out.

Goodbye, Disneyland Hotel! You’re… the best! 8=o)

Goodbye, California! We’ll be back… sometime!

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