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June Foray Invited Talk Transcript 

Update: June Foray, legendary actress famous for giving a voice to numerous cartoon characters, passed away June 26, 2017. I had the pleasure (as “Mickey”) of hosting an online chat with her along with help from my friend Melanie Ross (EntertainMuck’s “Alice”) who was alongside Ms. Foray during the interview and typed in her replies and comments as June said them. EntertainMuck’s lar3ry and I appreciate her efforts in getting June available for our little group.
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EntertainMuckThis is a transcript of a special invited online talk. The chat occurred on Saturday 8 August 1998 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions’ EntertainMuck (, telnet:// This transcript logs only the questions asked to Ms. Foray (JuneForay), comments from moderator Rich “Mickey” Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included. 

* * * Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: ON * * *

While June Foray has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company, she is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Ms. Foray and do not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC.

* * * Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: OFF * * *

The Arbordale Auditorium

Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.

Current Topic: June Foray, voice artist

Current Moderator: Mickey

Current Guest Speakers: JuneForay (June Foray)

Ms. June Foray is best known for her work as Bullwinkle’s pal, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, although she’s done hundreds of cartoon voices: Nell Fenwick, Dudley Do-Right’s girl; Natasha Fatale, Boris Badenov’s partner-in-crime; and most recently the voice of Grandmother Fa in Disney’s “Mulan” animated feature, just to name a few. For more info, see (updated link) using your web browser. This chat with Ms. June Foray takes place Saturday, 8/8, at 8 PM Pacific time / 10 PM Central time / 11 PM Eastern time.

> To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter ‘REQUEST’ (without quotes) and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can be longer than one line – Just wait to press your Enter key until after you finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.

Exits: Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey’s Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter, No-Spam Seats [EHX], [Shoe]-seum

Contents: Air Forays, Stenographic camera, Plush Beast

>< Mickey says, “Welcome to EMuck, June!”

>< JuneForay says, “I’m delighted to be here!”

>< JuneForay says, “And, thank you for welcoming me!”

>< Mickey says, “This is my son here, Meecelet, who will be taking notes tonight for the chat transcript. Real bright lil’ 2 1/2 year old mousie! Huh-ha!”

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Tonight’s Special Invited Talk with Ms. June Foray, voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and hundreds of others, will begin in about 10 minutes. If you aren’t already in the auditorium, come on in now by typing “run welcome;june” without the quotes.

JuneForay has disconnected.

JuneForay has connected.

>< Mickey says, “Welcome back, June!”

>< JuneForay says, “Connection prob — we’re okay now.”

>< JuneForay says, “I’m glad that the crash didn’t last for two hours!”

>< Mickey grins and is glad, too!

>< Mickey says, “Did any of that hokeybluesmoke come out of the computer when it crashed?”

>< JuneForay laughs!

>< JuneForay says, “It went into Upsidaisium!”

>< Mickey giggles

>< Mickey says, “We have 13 questions in the REQUEST queue now. To add yours, type REQUEST and press your Enter key, then wait to be prompted for your question — then type it in and then only press the Enter key at the end of your question (not the end of each line in a multi-line question). Oh! Make sure you’re in the Arbordale Auditorium (or the EHX seats) to use REQUEST.”

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) We’ll begin tonight’s special chat with Ms. June Foray in about 5 minutes. If you aren’t already in the auditorium, type “run welcome;June” without quotes to join us now.

>< Mickey hands June a Mouseke-cola.

>< JuneForay says, “I hope it’s cold!”

>< Mickey says, “It’s cold all right… Mice like ice!”

Mickey grins at JuneForay and wiggles his nose. As it jiggles up and down, his big mousie ears wiggle-waggle!

>< JuneForay says, “Well, I’m a tiggle-taggle!”

Mickey adjusts his mouse-eared moderator hat and prepares to start tonight’s chat Special Invited Talk.

Mickey takes the Mouse-Eared Moderator Hat and puts it on, smiling as he senses it fits him!

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with our special guest, Ms. June Foray, will now begin in the Arbordale Auditorium. Type ‘run welcome;June’ without quotes to get there if you’re not already in the Auditorium.

>< Mickey says, “Welcome, everyone, to EntertainMuck’s Arbordale Auditorium and our 15th Special Invited Talk here on EMuck.”


Sat Aug 8 22:00:05 CDT 1998

>< Mickey says, “Tonight, AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club are proud to present our special guest, Ms. June Foray!”

>< Mickey says, “She’s been called the Queen of Cartoons for the hundreds of Toon Characters that she’s provided voices for, including Bullwinkle’s pal: Rocky the Flying Squirrel.”

>< Mickey says, “Gosh, June, thanks so much for joining us this evening!”

>< JuneForay says, “I’m delighted that you asked me!”

>< Mickey says, “And thanks to EMuck’s Alice for helping tonight by typing what June Foray is saying out loud to her!”

>< Alice blushes!

>< Mickey says, “And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium, thanks for joining us, too. Let’s give a big EMuck welcome to Ms. June Foray!”

>< Mickey says, “None of us onstage can hear you in the audience while we’re at the podium, so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium…”

>< Mickey says, “To leave a question, type the word REQUEST (and press your Enter key). When you are prompted for your question, type it in — and then only press your Enter key at the END of your question, not at the end of each line (if it is a multi-line question).”

>< Mickey says, “While we’ll try to ask all of the questions in the REQUEST queue, there are already a lot of questions lined up, so please limit your follow-up questions. To follow-up, enter PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I’ll pass it on to June.”

>< Mickey says, “Transcripts of tonight’s chat will be available at EMuck’s web site and ftp site in a few days. We’ll announce when the transcripts are ready.”

>< Mickey says, “And now, here’s something I hope Disney’s lawyers will *really* like…”

>< Mickey says, “While June Foray has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company, she is not here as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely her own opinions and experiences and do not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.”

>< Mickey gulps for breath and then says, “Hokeysmoke! What a mouthful! And now, let’s begin the chat. June, are you ready?

>< JuneForay says, “Anytime you are, Mickey!”

>< Mickey says, “First of all, what does “Hokeysmoke” mean?”

>< JuneForay says, “Not a darn thing!”

>< Mickey says, “Where did it come from?”

>< JuneForay says, “From the writer, I presume it was Bill Scott.”

>< JuneForay says, “When I first read the script and Rocky said ‘Hokeysmoke,’ I kept reiterating ‘Holy Smokes’…until I was reprimanded — several times!”

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay laughs

>< Mickey says, “I made that mistake too — and fixed it recently when I heard from you about the correction! Thank you. I had it wrong on my webpage and in the Usenet newsgroup announcements about tonight’s chat.”

>< Mickey says, “And now, here’s some questions we hope you *really* like!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Timon) I’m interested in becoming a voice actor. How would I get started on my way to becoming one?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Verify the fact that you have talent, memorize classical plays, join the Screen Actor’s Guild if you can, make a demo tape not to exceed two and a half minutes, and you must have an agent!”

>< JuneForay says, “It’s really a Catch 22 situation. You can’t get an agent unless you belong to SAG…and you can’t get a job without an agent. But — persevere! And develop a thick skin.”

>< Mickey says, “How did you get around the Catch 22 when you first started working, June?”

>< JuneForay says, “I started in radio, and belonged to AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Actors). Once you work through AFTRA, within a year you may join SAG. If you work!!”

>< Mickey says, “Timon thanks you very much for the answer to his question, June.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) June, tell us about your association with Stan Freberg. I have a CD set of his ’57 radio show, and I tiink you did some funny stuff in it. My favorite sketch of his was the Dragnet one. Beleive me, I got it straight from the dragon’s mouth!

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I first met Stan when we did a short, a live action short, called ‘Speaking of Animals.’ The animals would turn to the camera, and just pull a funny snapper…”

>< JuneForay says, “…but then, we were put under contract to Capitol Records: Stan, Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, and I recording children’s programs, during which time Stan and Daws wrote Saint George and the Dragonette…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and this is what started Stan’s comedy records, with me in them, of course.”

>< JuneForay says, “I still work with Stan; of course we did the Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America, parts one and two…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and our 15 radio shows are in the Smithsonian Institution with an introduction with Stan, Peter Leeds, and me reminiscing about recording the radio shows.”

>< Mickey says, “Here’s a follow-up to Timon’s question…”

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) How does one get an agent?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “It’s very difficult. The way you can find out if an agent represents voiceover people is to call SAG. They have a list of agents. And just be dogmatic in calling them.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.PonsonbyBrit) Which are some good agents… Don Pitts?… etc?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Don Pitts is my agent and there’s Cunningham…”

>< JuneForay says, “…I don’t know too many, because I’ve been with Don Pitts for so many years!”

>< Mickey says, “Thanks for the tips!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) ‘You worked with the late Bill scott, first on the Bullwinkle show, and then in Gummi Bears. Do you consider this association with him to be unforgettable?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I do. He was a brilliant writer, he was the head writer on the Bullwinkle show. He started out as a writer and he wrote the demo for Bullwinkle…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and when we recorded our first show, Jay Ward said, ‘June, you will do Rocky and Natasha, and Paul Frees will be Boris.’ And Bill Scott said, ‘Who’s Bullwinkle?’ Bill said, ‘Well, I thought you were!'”

>< Mickey giggles

>< JuneForay says, “…because he had used the Bullwinkle voice in reading the script that he read to Jay!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Beast) Were the writers of Rocky & Bullwinkle making it up as they went? What were they smoking? That’s some of the most wonderful, madcap humor ever penned. Do you have any tales or insights into the creative process that gave us R&B?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “The original idea of a moose and a squirrel came from Jay Ward and Alex Anderson. They had done ‘Superchicken’…”

>< JuneForay says, “…Err, no; wait a minute, I mean ‘Crusader Rabbit’!”

>< JuneForay says, “…But, when Jay Ward moved to Southern California from Berkeley, he hired Bill Scott as a writer and a co-producer. Bill knew these writers and they went on to write Mary Tyler Moore, Mork & Mindy, Barney Miller, plus other wonderful shows.”

>< Mickey says, “Yes, they were all wonderful, especially yours!”

>< JuneForay smiles

>< *** Next question:

>< (CzarJim) Rocky and Bullwinkle had a lot of wonderful multi-level humor – it was great for both adults and children. Was the conscious in the writing? Was there an ongoing attempt to entertain the parents and the children?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “It was not directed towards children. It was directed to adults. Whatever made Jay Ward laugh was written into the script and produced. However, children loved it, because of the situations, the look of the characters, and the voices…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and they couldn’t understand why their parents laughed at different times!”

>< Mickey says, “Bashful is telling me something. He says Chris Hayward was one of the writers…”

>< JuneForay nods.

>< Mickey says, “He saw some reminisces from him in an oral history book about TV called The Box”

>< JuneForay says, “Chris Hayward, Chris Jenkyns, Lloyd Turner, George Atkins, Bill Scott, and Alan Burns.”

>< JuneForay says, “Alan Burns went on to be a producer at Mary Tyler Moore productions.”

>< Mickey says, “Need your Mouseke-cola freshened up, June?”

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “I would indeed like it freshened up!”

>< Mickey watches Meecelet put more ice and bubbily into June’s glass.

>< Mickey says, “It’s our pleasure!”

>< JuneForay says, “I’ve talked too long with a dry mouth.”

>< Mickey says, “Speaking of a dry mouth… Do you have any special things you do to get ready for your voice-over roles?”

>< JuneForay says, “No.”

>< JuneForay says, “That’s a very concise answer, isn’t it!”

>< Mickey says, “Do you have to avoid drinking or anything before you do a voice? Avoid drinking milkshakes, for instance?”

>< JuneForay says, “Well, I like to drink water, I like to keep a lot of water…preferably hot water…but it’s not necessary. I never drink milkshakes!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Rufus) I see that one of the Annies is called the “June Foray Award”. What’s that and why you?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “It was because of my contribution to the art of animation. I helped create the Hollywood branch of the International Animated Film Society, ASIFA Hollywood. I created the Annie Awards and the Cel Sale in my backyard!”

>< Mickey says, “Your backyard? Wow!”

>< JuneForay says, “Also, being on the motion picture academy Board of Governors, representing short films…”

>< JuneForay says, “…I have helped preserve short films and animation…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and that is why the June Foray award is given to those who have contributed largely to our art.”

>< JuneForay says, “Ray Bradbury, Chuck Jones, and others came to the cel sale! It was covered by NBC, too!”

>< Mickey knows someone right next to you who has some for sale, too.

>< Mickey winks and waves at Alice.

>< JuneForay says, “I also started a convention at USC and people came from all over the country for a two-day conference with everyone from the networks, the studios, voice-over people, musicians…”

>< JuneForay says, “It was an exhilarating weekend for people in animation.”

>< Mickey says, “I bet!”

>< JuneForay says, “I also assisted Walter Lanz with his conference at AFI.”

>< JuneForay says, “So that’s why they call it the June Foray award!”

>< Mickey says, “Great reason!”

>< JuneForay says, “I’m also on the board of Women in Animation.”

>< JuneForay says, “…and I attend animation festivals all over the world.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.Fred) Can you tell us how you founded ASIFA, what that’s about and how they are doing these days?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “ASIFA was an international organization — still is — from Russia, to Finland, Australia, Italy, France, England, Canada…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and so, we thought it was about time that Hollywood had a branch, because we are so prolific.”

>< JuneForay says, “ASIFA has expanded enormously. They also have instructions to people who wish to be animators. They are giving more Annie Awards for musicians, for film editors, writers, storyboard artists — all branches of animation — and the president is Antron Manoogian.”

>< Mickey says, “DannyCat here on EMuck wishes to thank you, June, for the part you played in getting “Cats Don’t Dance” the Annie award.”

>< Mickey applauds!

>< JuneForay applauds too!

>< *** Next question:

>< (Rufus) I couldn’t find a complete filmography of your work anywhere. Do you think there is one in print or on the web?

>< ***

>< JuneForay goes to get a specific book in Real Life…

>< JuneForay says, “I am mentioned in so many books that I can’t remember them all! But here’s one: Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television, Vol. 8 by Owen O’Donnell, Editor.”

>< JuneForay says, “Also, the National Cartoonists Society Album 50th anniversary edition, edited by Bill Janocha.”

>< JuneForay says, “…Also, the July 17th Chicago Tribune has a big write-up on me…”

>< JuneForay says, “But the ‘Contemporary Theatre and Film’ book is very fine. I’m between Bridget Fonda and Harrison Ford, so I’m in good company!”

>< JuneForay laughs

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “It’s such a great filmography, that I can’t even remember everything I’ve done, and this helps me.”

>< Mickey says, “Those are pretty complete about your voice work? Rufus says he’s found quite a bit written about you, but hasn’t found a complete listing.”

>< JuneForay says, “You’ll find it in the ‘Contemporary’ one. The publisher is Gale Research International Limited.”

>< Mickey says, “Double_D passes along a sentiment that I think we all share: He says never realized just how involved you are in animation and that it’s amazing to see such a long and varied career! Thanks for everything.”

>< JuneForay says, “That’s very rewarding. Thank you.”

>< Mickey says, “Yes, that is shared by all in the auditorium — I hear ya out there! I only hear you via pages, though. ;-)”

>< Mickey grins

>< Mickey says, “OK, and now… On with the show!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Rufus) Just how many voices do you have inside there, anyway?

>< ***

>< JuneForay thinks…

>< JuneForay says, “Thousands!”

>< Mickey says, “What is your favorite one to do?”

>< JuneForay says, “Everyone asks me that and I can’t say that I, myself, have a favorite, because there’s a little bit of June Foray in every Character that I do. However, I am aware of what the public likes most, and that’s Rocky and Natasha.”

>< Mickey nods!

>< JuneForay says, “i just did a CD-Rom with all of the Jay Ward characters from the show for the Houghton/Mifflin Publishing Company.”

>< Mickey says, “What do you think Rocky and/or Natasha would say if they were to talk to Mickey Mouse?”

>< Mickey smiles

>< JuneForay says, “What would they say?”

>< JuneForay says, “GET OFF THE SCREEN!!!”

>< JuneForay says, “No, I’m joking!”

>< JuneForay laughs

>< Mickey says, “Huh-ha! Guzzy passes along that she, as an aspiring female animator, thinks it is so incredible for how much you have done and are doing for animation, June!”

>< JuneForay beams. “Thank you. I’m a pay-back kid.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Alice) Do you get videotapes of all cartoon episodes you’re in? Or, do you tape the shows from T.V.?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I tape them.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Alice) What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of voiceover work?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Coming up with a new approach to a new character, arrived at through a great deal of thought and self-inspection…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and certainly attempting to be different, because each Character that has to be represented has its own characteristics, its own attitudes, and obviously, you have to adjust to another creature’s point of view.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Belle) from SunniGummi: did you enjoy working with Bill Scott with his production company and Disney?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I loved working for Disney. The first thing I ever did was Lucifer the cat…”

>< Mickey says, “Cat!”

>< Mickey shivers

>< JuneForay says, “…so now here I’ve come full circle with Mulan.”

>< JuneForay giggles with Mickey.

>< Mickey says, “Don’t DO that!”

>< Mickey calms down.

>< JuneForay laughs

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) Which show that you worked on from Disney, did you enjoy the most?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Do you mean television show?”

>< Mickey says, “Yes”

>< JuneForay says, “I loved doing Grammy Gummi in the Gummi Bears! And, of course, I was Ma Beagle, the loudmouth in Duck Tales…”

>< JuneForay says, “…and Magica Despell in Ducktales.”

>< Mickey watches Meecelet exchange the Mouseke-cola for Gummiberri juice in June’s glass.

>< JuneForay looks at the Gummiberri juice and says, “Oh, good!”

>< JuneForay says, “Throw a few Gummi Bears in, too!”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (Belle) Can you tell us about any memorable moments in making Mulan?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Meeting with the producers and the writers and the directors…their innovation in what they wanted. They were so concise.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) June, how was it to work with Ming-Na Wen? Was she nice?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “The only time I met her was when she concluded recording. As she was coming out, I was going in. We never worked together. We always worked singly.”

>< Mickey says, “June, each time I’ve seen “Mulan,” the biggest laughs come from your lines, including when you asked if the guy wanted to stay for dinner! Did you do your own singing in that movie?”

>< JuneForay says, “No, I did not. That was Marnie Nixon. I did the speaking parts within the songs. There was more dialogue, but I guess for time, they had to edit it.”

>< Mickey says, “Have you ever sung in any of your roles?”

>< JuneForay says, “Occasionally, when I’ve had to.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) Gummi Bears is one of my favorite shows. Did you enjoy working on that series?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I loved it! Because, Grammy Gummi was gruff, but she had a heart of gold — as long as people stayed out of her kitchen!”

>< JuneForay laughs

>< Mickey says, “Gusto thanks you for your work (he’s here on EMuck) and also for all the marple nut cookies!”

>< JuneForay gives a puzzled look.

>< Mickey says, “Grammi was known for cooking those cookies.”

>< Mickey says, “By the way, Jymn Magon said to be sure to say ‘Hi!’ to you, June!”

>< JuneForay says, “Oh, is he online?”

>< Mickey says, “No, but he was a previous Special Guest at one of our chats”

>< JuneForay says, “Tell him I love him! And tell him also, I loved his writing on ‘The Christmas Carol’!”

>< Mickey says, “Rufus asks, “Which “Christmas Carol” was that?”

>< JuneForay says, “It was done last year by DIC.”

>< Mickey says, “Ah! We’ll look for it”

>< JuneForay says, “It starred Tim Curry and Whoopi Goldberg; Jymn wrote the script.”

>< Mickey says, “DIC, the animation studio — Didn’t Disney buy that company?”

>< Mickey thinks so.

>< JuneForay says, “Ooops!”

>< Mickey says, “They are still called DIC, though”

>< JuneForay doesn’t know, but Alice is nodding and saying, “Disney owns an _interest_ in DIC; not outright ownership.”

>< Mickey thanks Alice for the correction.

>< Mickey says, “Here are more questions…”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Alice) What would you say is the most important skill necessary for success in animated voiceover work?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Being a good actor because in voiceovers, we don’t have the privilege of having people see our eyes or our body language.”

>< JuneForay says, “It all has to do with our inflection, our thinking, our being natural in our readings.”

>< JuneForay says, “In live action, you really don’t have to be that skilled a performer because you have the visual; but the voiceover actor has to depend solely on his intuitive reading.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Alice) Is there a Character you would like to give voice to, but haven’t? Who?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I can’t think of any…I suppose there are some new ones coming up, but I don’t audition anymore!”

>< Mickey says, “Plush Beast in our auditorium would like you to do his “voice”… he doesn’t have one, you see, except to go “Eeep! Eeep!””

>< Mickey throws Scooby Snacks out to Plush Beast

>< JuneForay says, “Eeep is fine enough for me.”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (Sally) What is your favorite part about animation? Or rather, about BEING an animated character?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “One doesn’t have to go for wardrobe fittings, one doesn’t have to memorize lines, one doesn’t have to be on the set at 6:00 in the morning for makeup and wait around all day.”

>< Mickey says, “Rufus follows-up about your previous answer and asks if that is why you’ve done so little live action work?”

>< JuneForay says, “Yes! Green Acres was the last on-camera part I did.”

>< Mickey says, “What role?”

>< JuneForay says, “The leeetle angry switchboard lady who kept messing things up!”

>< Mickey will have to watch more TV Land and less Vault Disney! 😉

>< Mickey hears Alice laughing as June does the voice for her!

>< Mickey says, “Bashful follows-up by saying that you mentioned you did Lucifer’s voice and he wonders if you know whatever happened to Ilene Woods, the voice of Cinderella.”


>< JuneForay says, “Oh! I saw her the other day on a panel in Anaheim, at Disneyland for Disneyana. And, the man who played Thumper (Bambi) was there, too!”

>< JuneForay says, “I don’t know what Ilene is doing, but she looked wonderful and I remember she said that she was amazed to do a speaking voice because she was just a singer.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) Was there a voice that you had trouble doing?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Not really…”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Tahamaki) Have you done any commercials? (besides the one for Taco Bell?)

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Oh, gosh, the Golden Crisp cereals; Energizer batteries. I was the sexy voice that said: Bandini is the word for….fertilizer.”

>< Mickey giggles and Alice faints!

>< JuneForay says, “I just did a commercial for Radio Shack and I do so many, I just can’t keep track!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Clarice) What do you think of the current crop of voice artists in relation to artists past?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “There are some excellent performers now. Some of the young people of today are quite talented. I think it would be difficult for someone to enter the field right now as the established competition is fierce.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Wuntvor) What other voice talent was the funnest to work with and why?

>< ***

>< JuneForay thinks…

>< JuneForay says, “Now we’re talking over a period of many years…”

>< JuneForay says, “I would think, Paul Frees, Daws Butler, Bill Scott, Mel Blanc, Stan Freberg — all superbly versatile. And, decent human beings!!  And they all had magnificent senses of humor. Many fond memories.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.Prismo) Which vocal exercises would you consider the most important for your work?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I don’t use any.”

>< JuneForay says, “I like to talk alot, after I get up in the morning, just to limber it a little bit.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) How was it to work with the late, great Mel Blanc?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Oh, it was charming. Some of the funniest jokes I ever heard came from Mel. We’d start the session with a funny joke, some of them quite crude.”

>< JuneForay chuckles

>< Mickey says, “And Rufus follows-up: “How was it to work with the late, great Boris Karloff?”

>< JuneForay says, “We recorded separately.”

>< Mickey says, “Ever meet him at all?”

>< JuneForay says, “The only time I worked with Boris was in radio, and I did a live-action picture called ‘Sabaka’, which he was in. We recorded the Grinch separately, so I didn’t work with him. But, I just met his daughter, recently. Very nice lady.”

>< Mickey says, “And Sunni follows-up asking what it was like working with Bill Scott on Gummi Bears, if you have any more anecdotes about that.”

>< JuneForay says, “Well, of course, I had worked with Bill for so many years, on Rocky & Bullwinkle, and George of the Jungle, and all of the commercials that we did…”

>< JuneForay says, “He was a marvelous person; brilliant; and helped. His hand was _always_ out helping people. He was such a gentle person.”

>< JuneForay says, “Anyone who needed advice, or assistance getting a job, he was there.”

>< Mickey says, “Let’s hold off on the follow-up pages, folks, and go back to the REQUEST queue… There’s lots of questions ahead of you.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.Fred) How many recording sessions for the Granny in Mulan… 5?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I think there were six. I also recorded two cassettes: one for a read-along and another longer one that is a read-along & sing-along, as Grandmother Fa.”

>< JuneForay says, “I called Disney records, and they said the read-along was FIRST in sales among children!”

>< Mickey claps loudly!

>< *** Next question:

>< (MissSawyer) Can you sign me up for the next war, too? 😉

>< ***

>< Mickey grins at the “Mulan” reference

>< JuneForay nods!

>< *** Next question:

>< (Sally) I’ve made up a little cartoon character that doesn’t have a voice. When my character gets animated some day, would I be able to get you to do the honors? 😉

>< ***

>< JuneForay speaks in Natasha voice: “Eet depends on how much you are payink me, darlink!”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) June, I read somewhere that General Mills, the sponsor of Bullwinkle, tried to stop the counterfeit box-top episode. Do you recall this incident?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Yes, I do!”

>< Mickey says, “Tell us about it!”

>< JuneForay says, “It was the counterfeit box tops, which would eliminate our monetary system: just use box tops.”

>< JuneForay says, “General Mills was _not_ delighted.”

>< Mickey says, “I bet! Well, the episode aired, so what happened?”

>< JuneForay says, “Whatever Jay and his writers wanted, that’s what went on the air. They paid no attention to objections from the network, or sponsors.”

>< JuneForay says, “When Rocky and Bullwinkle were in a boiling pot they said, ‘You can’t do that! That’s inhumane.’ And Jay said, ‘What, for a moose and a squirrel?’ So Jay went ahead and did it!”

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “If there were any objections, he would say ‘Do you want the show tomorrow?’ and that’s it!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) Where did the fake name Ponsonby Britt come from?

>< ***

>< Mickey says, “That was fake????”

>< Mickey is shocked.

>< JuneForay says, “There is no Ponsonby Britt — It’s just some place that Bill and Jay came up with.”

>< JuneForay says, “Captain Peter Peachfuzz was a play on Peter Peach, who was the distributor!”

>< Mickey says, “Next you’ll be telling me that Rocky can’t really fly…”

>< JuneForay says, “The lady who does Rocky can’t!”

>< Mickey sprinkles Pixie Dust on June

>< Mickey says, “Now think good thoughts”

>< JuneForay laughs.

>< JuneForay says, “Some people were quite upset when they learned that a woman was doing the voice of Rocky.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) How is today’s voice acting different from when it initially started?

><  ***

>< Mickey says, “Better mikes.”

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “It’s essentially the same.”

>< JuneForay laughs with Mickey.

>< Mickey lowfurs JuneForay

>< *** Next question:

>< (MissSawyer) How old do you have to be to be a voice artist?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “You can start at, oh gosh, five years old.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Tahamaki) What voice artists do you personally feel were mentors to you?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I didn’t have any. My mentors were Mrs. Malaprop and Lady Brackno, from ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.'”

>< JuneForay says, “…And the old lady that I do is from the James M. Barry play, ‘The Old Lady Shows Her Medals.’ Those were my mentors.”

>< Mickey says, “You mean from those productions you saw performed… or read?”

>< JuneForay says, “Read. I was an omniverous reader, and still am.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) Did you ever take part in the concerts at the Dudley Do-Right Emporium?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Concerts?”

>< Mickey says, “Concerts, guest4?”

>< Mickey says, “Follow-up from guest4…”

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) Yes, Jay Ward had concerts in the parking lot.

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Years ago, Jay Ward closed Sunset Blvd. and had a big opening at the studio. He had an orchestra there, and we all wrote our names in the concrete. But that’s the only time. The Emporium wasn’t even open at that time.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Wuntvor) Can you tell us more about the “live recording” system that was used for R&B?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “It was an ensemble reading. With our rapid-fire delivery, and in television, it was mostly dialogue, so you had to have everyone together.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.Peabody) Did you work close with Hans Conried too?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Of course. I had worked many times with Hans on radio shows and, of course, he was Snidely Whiplash in Dudley Do-Right, and I was Nell Fenwick. And in Peter Pan he was Captain Hook, and I was the Indian Princess. I also did some recording for a mermaid in Peter Pan, and did live-action modeling for that, too.”

>< Mickey says, “Was that your line the mermaid said, that she was only trying to drown Wendy?”

>< Mickey likes that one!

>< JuneForay says, “I really don’t know! I’ll have to listen to that!”

>< Mickey smiles

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) I noticed in the R&B credits that Gerard Baldwin was one of the animators. He was later the director of Smurfs. Do you know Mr. Baldwin?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Very well. He now lives in Texas.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) I eat Cheerios all the time. Tell me about some of the commercials you did.

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I did a lot for Cheerios. And Tootsie Rolls, Target, Radio Shack….I’ve done so many, I can’t remember them all.”

>< JuneForay says, “We did the Captain Crunch cereal commercials for 18 years. Daws Butler was Cap’n Crunch; Bill Scott was Sea Dog, and I was Brunehilda (the little girl) and Paul Frees was the announcer. Same ol’ gang!”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) Do you know of any mentoring programs available to women in animation?

>< ***

>< JuneForay doesn’t know of any mentoring programs for women in animation.

>< *** Next question:

>< (AmericanMouse) Is there going to be any new Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons made?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “They’re talking about making some new R&B TV specials or I understand that Robert DeNiro’s company is going to do a live action feature… live action along with animation.”

>< Mickey says, “Will you be a part of it?”

>< JuneForay laughs and says, “Who else can do Rocky?”

>< Mickey says, “NOBODY!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Beast) You have worked on a few endeavors with the Disney company. How do those experiences compare with working on Rocky & Bullwinkle? Is there a marked difference between the corporate approach of a giant like Disney and a less “mainstream” project like R&B?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Not really, because of the writers and the directors, who are competent people, no matter which people they work for.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Rufus) Much of your early work was in live radio, and you still praise the R&B show for simultaneous recording. How much do you credit this background for your success and the spontaneity of your characters?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Radio was the building blocks of my career in animation.”

>< JuneForay says, “First, of course, you have to have talent. Then in radio, you’d pick up a script, read it once, and then walk out and do it…live!”

>< JuneForay says, “That’s why only the competent actors were hired. They couldn’t take a chance with newcomers.”

>< JuneForay says, “But you had to be a consummate actor, to pick up a script, and read it the first time with all the poignancy and emotion required of that particular character.”

>< Mickey says, “Wuntvor points out an article about you he read. It mentions a Mrs. Larson and that she was your reason for getting into radio.”

>< Mickey says, “Can you tell us about this?”

>< JuneForay says, “Mrs. Larson was one of the best teachers that my mother and father hired to teach me… Elizabeth Larson. And when I was 12 years old, she put me on her radio show, WBZA in Springfield, Mass., and, at 15, I became a professional.”

>< JuneForay says, “But, Mrs. Larson was a very sensitive lady who had been on the stage, and when I was 12 she told me and my mother and dad that she could no longer teach me because I was more versatile than she was!”

>< Mickey grins!

>< JuneForay says, “So, at 15, I joined the WZBA players and I’ve been working ever since!”

>< Mickey says, “It all started on a little radio station in Springfield, Mass!”

>< JuneForay nods.

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) June, what is your favorite Disney animated feature? I love Beauty and the Beast.

>< ***

>< JuneForay thinks…

>< JuneForay says, “I guess I’ve got to say Mulan, now!”

>< Mickey says, “Good answer!”

>< JuneForay says, “I was not a fan of Hercules, I’m sorry…”

>< JuneForay says, “Mulan had so much heart. You have empathy for the characters.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) Not a question, but a comment: I saw Mulan recently and thought your performance was terrific.

>< ***

>< Mickey thinks so, too!

>< JuneForay says, “Thank you. I’m most grateful.”

>< JuneForay says, “I wish they had left in more of it. I’m so appreciative that I’m a part of such a fine feature.”

>< Mickey says, “Can you tell us a bit about what was left out?”

>< JuneForay says, “Well one of the scenes where I went to buy Crickee and chatting with the seller, saying, ‘Well, this Crickee will be for good luck!’”

>< Mickey says, “The line where you said ‘Would you like to stay forever?’ was the other line that always brings down the house!”

>< JuneForay nods!

>< JuneForay says, “I also like, ‘Who spit in her bean curd?’”

>< Mickey does, too!

>< JuneForay says, “I was fortunate that I was given some marvelous lines to read!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.tweener) Tell us a little bout Chuck Jones, since you are close friends 🙂

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Chuck is charming, intellectual…”

>< JuneForay says, “…he can quote Mark Twain or Escallus at the drop of a Bugs Bunny…”

>< JuneForay giggles

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “He is a charming, giving man, and so talented!”

>< Mickey grins and remembers June’s famous lines about a rabbit and a hat, as Rocky.

>< Mickey says, “Would you do it for us, please? Bullwinkle said, ‘Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!'”

>< JuneForay says, “Yeah, but that trick never works!”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (Bashful) Getting back to Freberg’s radio show, I know Daws Butler is gone. Whatever happened to Peter Leeds, Jud Conlan, the singer Peggy Taylor, and the announcer Bud Soule? Were you friends with them?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Daws, Peter, Jud…all gone. I guess Peggy is still around… I don’t know about Bud Soule.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Wuntvor) Do you have any young relatives that you see often and they always ask you to do “that” voice? What voice is it?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I don’t have any very young relatives, but the people I do know who have kids always ask me to do Rocky. We’re corrupting another generation!”

>< Mickey grins

>< *** Next question:

>< (Beast) In one of the episodes of Dudley Do-Right, the words “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” appear. Do you know what the writers intended that to refer to? Is it a reference to Cornell University’s song? If so, why? Does it relate to the old-time film studio that was once in Ithaca, NY?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “I have no idea. In one episode, people always asked, ‘How old is Nell Fenwick?’ and Dudley in one episode says, ‘Well, Nell, you should know: you’re 37 1/2!’”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) ms Foray, I enjoyed your work on Gummi Bears. Do you remember any stories while in the recording studio doing your voice of Grammi?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “No, it was just such a joy working with everyone. And, Paul Winchell, of course, was on it. He’s now living in Palm Springs. He did the voice of Tigger, too.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.tweener) Hi! What do you think of this internet and alla us here mm? hehee!

>< ***

>< *** Next question:

>< (g.tweener) OH! and do you have any plans for internet work or recreation?

>< ***

>< Mickey says, “Do you have a computer?”

>< Mickey grins

>< JuneForay says, “I have a computer, but I don’t know how to turn it on! …Yet!! I don’t think I shall ever indulge in the Internet; I’ll just use the computer for writing.”

< *** Next question:

>< (guest5) Given the near-demise of Saturday morning cartoon blocks, do you think children in the future will have lesser appreciation for classic cartoons like R&B, the WB cartoons, Disney, etc.?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “A lot of animated shorts are being made and shown all over the world, so animation for children and adults will go on forever.”

Sat Aug 8 23:59:53 CDT 1998


>< JuneForay says, “In fact, there’s such an explosion of Animation for children and adults now that I think it will continue to be appreciated as an art form.”

>< *** Next question:

>< (guest4) Did you do any voices on Tom Slick?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “Of course! I was Marigold. And, I was Ursula in George of the Jungle. And of course, all the Fractured Fairy Tales. And Fractured Flickers!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (Gusto) What is your impression of Rob Paulsen, voice of Gusto on Disney’s Gummi Bears?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “He’s also in Pinky and the Brain, and Animaniacs. He’s a very fine, versatile actor. Besides being a nice guy.”

>< Mickey says, “We have 3 more questions, and then, June, please stay just for a bit to meet the folks in the audience. We’ll be quick, I promise!”

>< *** Next question:

>< (SunniGummi) Did you have trouble doing the name of the baby sitting service that was used in The Simpsons?

>< ***

>< JuneForay says, “No, I didn’t have any trouble.”

:: JuneForay has disconnected. ::

>< Mickey says, “Uh-oh! I think she’ll be right back.”

>< Mickey says, “While we’re waiting, let me tell you that transcripts of tonight’s chat will be posted to EMuck’s website and FTP site in a few days. We’ll announce when the transcript is ready.”

>< Mickey says, “I’m sure Alice will reconnect as soon as she can. Alice has been doing a great job of typing out for us everything that June has said!”

Sun Aug 9 00:07:48 CDT 1998

>< Mickey grabs a straw hat and cane that are thrown to him by Meecelet!

>< Mickey says, “Thanks, Meecelet!”

>< Mickey starts a soft-shoe dance.

>< Mickey says, “I’m kinda light on my feet — for having such big ones, don’tcha think?”

>< Mickey grins and his big mousie ears go wiggle-waggle.

>< Mickey says, “Yes, folks, I’m now tap-dancing! Huh-hah!”

:: Audience members throw vegetables at Mickey! ::

>< Mickey says, “Hey! Stop throwing those veggies! No vegetables…. just cheese!”

>< Mickey spits beans!

>< Mickey smirks and says, “What do I look like, Wally Boag???”

>< Mickey grins and wonders if he should shoot the audience with his water pistols like Wally used to do.

>< Mickey says, “I just had a thought…”

>< Mickey says, “I know, I know, shocking, huh?”

>< Mickey grins

>< Mickey says, “What if Alice’s computer blew up?”

>< Mickey says, “…and blue hokeysmoke came out of it!”

>< Mickey says, “Huh-hah!”

>< Mickey says, “That couldn’t happen, though…”

>< Mickey says, “Only the first 500-1,000 of the model of PowerBook that Alice has were shipped with exploding batteries.”

>< Mickey says, “Folks, Alice is now on EMuck!”

>< Alice is ushered onstage by a gorilla in a bad-fitting tuxedo, who then hurries back to guard the Stage Door.

>< Alice curtseys

>< Mickey says, “So, what is going on?”

>< Alice says, “Sorry, the Lag Monster got us! But, June was just about to sign off. She wanted me to tell you all that it was a loverly evening and to thank you all for your graciousness!!”

>< Mickey says, “Well, thank her from all of us!”

>< Mickey says, “And thank you all for coming! Please tell June Foray that we appreciated her time with us very much.”

>< Mickey says, “Okay, thanks for passing that along, Alice.”

>< Alice says, “But, now, I must go!”

>< Alice says, “Thanks everyone!”

>< Mickey says, “OK, thank you so much for typing for June, Alice!”

>< Alice smiles at June as she leaves!

>< Alice curtseys

>< Alice says, “Bye!”

:: Alice has left. ::

You leave the podium and head through the door to the…

The Arbordale Auditorium

Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.

g.tweener ( says, “I would guess June needs her sleep, too” 

Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.

g.tweener ( fuzzles Mickey in thanks

Aladdin exclaims, “Okay, I have served my function, away I go!” 

Aladdin hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home…

Aladdin has left.

Double_D picks up the stenographic camera along with its keyboard.

Rufus says, “Sorry, not Air June, Air Foray. Enter <look Air Foray> to see ’em.” 


Hokey smokes! They’re Air Forays, the shoes for inspiring voice artists. Would

you like to “wear” them?


You put on the Air Forays and fly around the room like Rocky!

SunniGummi puts on the Air Forays and flies around the room like Rocky!

Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.

Sunni smiles

Belle smiles. Cute shoes.

Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep!

g.tweener ( exclaims, “That was pretty exhaustive! :)” 

Double_D exclaims, “That was like Wayne & Russi’s chat!” 

Wuntvor says, “You needed to do the Macadamia nut from Animaniacs, Mickey.” 

Briar_Rose arrives at a breathtaking pace.

Rufus says, “Yeah, we don’t let our guests get away with much dirt unturned.” 

Belle smiles.

g.tweener ( smiles at Rufus

Plush Beast holds out his plush paws to Briar Rose, hoping either to be picked up and huggled, or fed.

Mickey exclaims, “Sorry she didn’t get to see the Air Forays, but we’ll make sure she sees them later!” 

Beast says, “The unofficial log I took in here is 2500 lines long.” 

Mickey changes back into his classic attire of red shorts and big yellow shoes.

Belle is envious of Alice for meeting June Foray.

Gusto is too!

Wendy says, “I like when the guests come into the auditorium” 

Briar_Rose holds out some scooby snacks for PB

Mickey happily says, “Alice told me that June Foray is the nicest person you’d ever meet.” 

Gusto says, “Many voice artists are, it seems.” 

Sunni says, “Belle, does June Foray do autographs :)” 

Plush Beast eats the Snacks out of Briar Rose’s hand! His plush whispers tickle her palms as he feeds.

g.tweener ( exclaims, “{naughty kitty!}” 

Magus would LOVE to meet her.

Sunni nods

Wendy says, “I’ve never met anyone famous in person” 

Gusto once saw Ahnold’s car…

Gusto says, “That’s as close as I’ve gotten.” 

Sunni says, “What an honor for Alice” 

Wendy says, “I’ve seen famous people on stage though.” 

Tahamaki met Adam Jones once…

Rufus has met a number of stars, but few are actually nice people.

Mickey says, “Wendy, I’m sorry I said that I liked the line in Peter Pan where the mermaid said she wanted to drown you.” 

Mickey smiles

Briar_Rose giggles

At least she didn’t succeed.

Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.

Wendy exclaims, “That’s OK, Mickey!” 

g.tweener ( chuckles at Mickey.

Mickey says, “I just got more word from Alice, about June. Everything is fine, but they got logged off, and it was late so they decided not to come back on. Alice also thanks everyone for their concern.”

Mickey happily says, “June wishes to thank everyone for inviting her and wants you all to know that she had a great time! And she saw the Air Forays yesterday and loves them!” 

Double_D is stopping his log..brb.

Briar_Rose waves to everyone….got dumped…power failure here…I missed everything

Rufus says, “Bummer, Rose. You’ll have to ask Double_D for a copy of the unofficial log.” 

g.tweener ( buys you a generator!

Mickey happily says, “Meecelet, you can turn off your log, too.” 

Plush Beast eeps a plush eep at Briar Rose.

Sunni huggles BR

Sunni says, “Good work, Meecelet” 

Meecelet exclaims, “Thanks!”

Meecelet say, “G’nite, everybody.”

Double_D exclaims, “Bye!” 

g.tweener ( exclaims, “Night nighty, lil’ meecelet!” 

Rufus exclaims, “Nite, Meecelet!” 

Briar_Rose says, “nite, Meecelet” 

With a tear in your eye… and a thump in your heart… you go home. 


Melanie gave me permission to share with you here her remembrances of that chat event which she posted on her Facebook page July 27, 2017:
June Foray CSB:

In the late-90s, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to interview this unbelievably talented yet charming and totally down-to-earth treasure of a person. When I asked where she’d like to meet, I fully expected she’d indicate a studio or a restaurant or some such. “Don’t be silly,” she cheerfully tossed, as if we’d been lifelong friends; “C’mon over to my place!” and she gave me her home address in the Valley.

I’m typically never star-struck, but walking up to the door of this particular performer I had long deeply admired, well…my heart was going pitter patter, alright. She instantly dissolved my flighty nerves when she threw the door open wide, wearing a housecoat and an enormous smile, and welcomed me in as if she’d been long awaiting my return. (No, we had never met prior.)

June (“Oh, just call me June!”) graciously answered questions posed by me and by Disney fans across the nation who were texting their questions to me real-time on my Apple PowerBook 1400. Keep in mind, this was prolly in ’98 or so–long before today’s wifi and high-speed tech. June brewed up a pot of coffee for us as she patiently awaited and answered each question, despite likely having answered identical queries from other writers over and over for decades. Her fresh and candid replies coupled with her eager willingness to take even more questions truly impressed and humbled me.

When the interview was done, she invited me to close up that computer and just chat. And we did. We had a thoroughly delightful visit for another 30-40 mins. And it indeed felt like I was reconnecting with an old, dear friend.

Today’s news of June’s passing caused my spirit to suddenly plunge into a void…but I also instantly recalled the precious memory I have of my evening with June…and my spirit is set dancing once more.

My heartfelt thanks to Richard Koster and the Disney Echo for helping make that opportunity of a lifetime come true.

~~ Thanks for everything, June. ❤️

Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” movie takes place at Disney parks with good Toons battling evil Toons

Johnny Briz, David "David FoxFire" Gonterman's answer to Mickey Mouse — FoxFire Studios

This doesn’t remind me of “The Avengers” as much as the Disney Echo’s “You Make A Story” in which everyday people teamed up with good Toon characters to fight off evil Toon characters…

Disney, have you been reading the Echo again? 😉

Like This!

Disney’s ‘Magic’ ride – Theme park to star in film

By Marc Graser, Variety

September 30, 2010

While Disney is giving its more popular theme park attractions, like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “The Haunted Mansion,” the bigscreen treatment, what happens when it runs out of rides to adapt?

All roads may lead to the Magic Kingdom, with the Mouse House considering making one of its theme parks the setting of a family adventure similar to Fox’s “Night at the Museum” franchise.

Ronald Moore, behind the recent reboot of the “Battlestar Galactica” TV series, already penned a script based on his own pitch for the project that Marc Abraham and Eric Newman will produce through their Universal-based Strike Entertainment shingle. The initial plot took place inside Disneyland.

But Disney and the producers are looking to develop “Magic Kingdom” further with a new scribe, who has yet to be hired.

While executives say the project isn’t a top priority, it is one they’re keeping their eyes on as a potential platform that could showcase a number of high-profile Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse and friends.

In other words, it would feature well-known Disney-owned icons rather than hint at them the way “Enchanted” did in 2007.

Disney’s Hyperion already publishes Ridley Pearson’s similar-sounding kidlit series, “Kingdom Keepers,” where a group of Florida teens are transformed into holographic guides at Disney World and battle “Sleeping Beauty’s” evil queen Maleficent as the park’s characters come to life.

Idea of a park-to-pic adaptation is nothing to scoff at, considering the “Pirates” franchise has earned $2.7 billion worldwide since the first set sail in 2003.

But “Magic Kingdom” brings with it a number of complications, given the precious real estate and iconic characters involved — one creative misstep could create one very expensive headache for a studio that’s starting to get back on track at the box office.

Disney is keen on producing more family-friendly films that can turn into strong franchises for all of the company’s divisions, and propel a slate of pics that also includes feel-good fare like the horse racing drama “Secretariat” and teen-skewing comedy “Prom.”

“Magic Kingdom” had already been in development before Rich Ross took the reins of the studio and tapped Sean Bailey as president of production.

Some at the studio are referring to “Magic Kingdom” as Disney’s own “Justice League” or “The Avengers” — movies that need other films to rollout at the megaplex in order to introduce audiences — especially younger moviegoers — to a cast of characters or overall properties they may not be fully familiar with.

At Warner Bros., “Justice League” would star DC Comics icons like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash, while Marvel’s “Avengers” features Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk — characters that are getting their own pics first before teaming up. Paramount is distributing the actioner in summer 2012.

For now, Disney is focusing on launching “Tron: Legacy” in December, a reboot that will be prominently integrated into Anaheim’s California Adventure park starting next week. A fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” is lensing in Hawaii, while Guillermo del Toro is readying an adaptation of “The Haunted Mansion,” and David Fincher is behind a new “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” actioner, whose original version was the basis of Disneyland’s original submarine ride. Also in development are scripts based on the “Jungle Cruise” ride and “Tomorrowland,” an outer space adventure that loosely ties in with the themed area of Disneyland.

Separately, Disney is eager to get new takes on classic characters like Maleficent that Tim Burton will helm after successfully relaunching “Alice in Wonderland” as a billion-dollar hit at the box office. A live-action retelling of “Cinderella” is also in the works, while the upcoming “Tangled” is an animated take on Rapunzel.

All could eventually wind up in “Magic Kingdom” in some form.

An Evening with Disney Archivist Dave Smith

"Dave Smith"

Illustration © Disney.

My wife, son and I were lucky enough to meet Dave Smith in his office at the Archives this summer. It was the first time for our son, but my wife and I had previously introduced ourselves to Dave Smith at one of the Official Disneyana Conventions.

In 1997, in the persona as “Mickey,” I had the pleasure of hosting Dave Smith for a special evening online as he discussed his career with Disney and talked about all the Disney history in the Archives. I hope you enjoy reading it…

Like This!

Select here to see the transcript.

Remembering Wayne Allwine, who gave a voice to Mickey Mouse

(Edited at 11:24 am May 20, 2009 to include parts that were left out by mistake early this morning due to a formatting problem… now fixed. Be sure to check out the Comments to this blog entry as well, to see a three-part video of an interview Leonard Maltin did with Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor.)


I can’t believe it, but it is true. The Disney Legends website confirms it tonight:

Wayne Allwine passed away on May 18, 2009 at the age of 62.

Wayne Allwine’s talents will live on in the many productions in which he gave voice to Mickey Mouse — and Mickey will always live on, forever.

In 1988 a Mickey Mouse cartoon named “The Marathon” was directed by Aleksandr Petrov with co-director Michael Tumelya and presented to the Disney Company on Mickey’s 60th birthday.


“The Marathon” is a black-and-white cartoon, a film with no dialogue and so it didn’t have Mickey’s voice in it. So why am I remembering it now that Wayne Allwine has passed away? Well, allow me to explain. It was first shown to the public at the 1st Official Disneyana Convention in 1992 at WDW and also aired during the Disney Channel’s celebration of Mickey’s 65th birthday celebration. The cartoon shows a digital clock counting the years as Mickey began. Mickey plays with a young boy as the clock ticks up. The boy turns into a teen who dances spectacularly with Mickey. Mickey stays the same as the boy ages into a man, who needs to slow down his dance steps. As the clock approaches 60 years, the man has become very old while Mickey still has his fresh, youthful appearance and still dances with much energy. The man needs to sit down and a chair appears, which he uses. Mickey pulls back into a TV screen, and as the clock shows 60 years the old man watches Mickey on the screen as the man’s grandchild comes on the scene. The child sees Mickey and approaches the screen. The camera shifts position once more, so that the front edge of the screen becomes a dividing line between the boy and Mickey.

As the young boy and Mickey play together, the clock resets back down to the beginning and starts to count up again, just like before. It sums up without any words the timeless quality of Mickey that will last through the ages, delighting each new generation in the decades to come.

I just found “The Marathon” on YouTube, still remembering it after seeing it all those years ago:

Wayne Allwine was told by JImmy Macdonald, the previous voice of Mickey, “Just remember, kid, you’re only filling in for the boss.” after Allwine took over as Mickey’s voice when Macdonald retired. Walt Disney was the first person to give voice to Mickey.

In an interview for a “Walt Disney Treasures” box DVD set, Wayne said, “It’s really not about me; it’s about Mickey, and Mickey is Walt’s. So what I do is I get to take this wonderful American icon and keep it alive until the next Mickey comes along, and it will one day. And that’s also one of the heartbreaks of the character, of doing the job, because, you know, I’m three; there’s going to be a four.”

Wayne, though you’ve joined Walt Disney and Jimmy Macdonald in heaven, the life you put into Mickey lives on for the ages.

Rest in peace.

Our condolences go to Wayne Allwine’s family and Russi Taylor, his wife, as well as his friends and many fans.

I am one of them, feeling especially blessed that I was able to meet Wayne and Russi at two Disneyana Conventions as well as hosting them during a live, online chat at (I was in the role of “Mickey” during the chat).

Here is the transcript:

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr. Wayne Allwine and Miss Russi Taylor, Disney’s voice artists for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

The chat occurred on Friday 30 January 1997 at 11 PM U.S. EST (GMT -0600) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions’ EntertainMuck.

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Allwine (WayneAllwine) and Ms. Taylor (RussiTaylor), comments from moderator Rich “Mickey” Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

You leave Mickey’s Cyber Diner and arrive in…
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large
Current Topic: Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse voice artists
Current Moderator: Mickey
Current Guest Speakers: RussiTaylor(Minnie) & WayneAllwine(Mickey’s voice)
This chat begins Fri., 1/30 at 11 PM Eastern/10 PM Central/8 PM Pacific
To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter ‘REQUEST’ (without quotes)
and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can
be longer than one line – Just wait to press your Enter key until after you
finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions
may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at
the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.
Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey’s Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter,
No-Spam Seats [EHX]

ANNOUNCE (Mickey) Wayne Allwine & Russi Taylor on online now, awaiting the
start of tonight’s chat!
ANNOUNCE (Mickey) Wayne (voice of Mickey Mouse) Allwine and Russi (voice
of Minnie Mouse) Taylor will be chatting with us in the Arbordale Auditorium
tonight in about 12 minutes. Enter ‘run welcome;a’ to get there now!
Mickey offers Wayne & Russi a Mouse-ke-cola
WayneAllwine says, “Thanks for the soda.”
Mickey bows, “My pleasure!”
RussiTaylor says, “Dee-licious.”
RussiTaylor giggles
Mickey giggles
Mickey gets up, to stretch his shorts.
Mickey leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale
WayneAllwine says, “Wait for ussss!”
Mickey comes onstage from the Auditorium.
Mickey runs all around, huggling Meecelet, WayneAllwine, and
RussiTaylor one by one very tightly!
WayneAllwine says, “What happened to my wallet?…”
WayneAllwine says, “Hmmm…”
ANNOUNCE (Mickey) Wayne (voice of Mickey Mouse) Allwine and Russi (voice
of Minnie Mouse) Taylor will be chatting with us in the Arbordale Auditorium
tonight in a couple of minutes. Enter ‘run welcome;a’ to get there now!
Mickey offers Wayne & Russi more Mouse-ke-cola and some Mickey
ice cream bars.
RussiTaylor says, “How hospitable.”
Mickey says, “We’ll be starting soon, folks!”
RussiTaylor says, “I’m going to need a diet after this!”
Mickey says, “You? Never!”
Mickey looks up in surprise as a sudden gust of wind blows the
Mouse-eared Moderator hat off his head and it sails to the ground.
WayneAllwine looks in awe at the Mouse-Eared Moderator Hat.
Mickey takes the Mouse-Eared Moderator Hat and puts it on, smiling
as he senses it fits him!
WayneAllwine says, “Hope the shorts fit…”
Mickey adjusts his shorts again.
Mickey grins.
WayneAllwine says, “And if the shorts fit…”
Mickey says, “Wear ’em?”
RussiTaylor says, “close enough”
Mickey puts on his mouse-eared Moderators Hat and prepares to
start tonight’s Special Invited Talk.
* [Figaro has connected] *
RussiTaylor says, “I’m so happy my cat is here!”
Mickey waves to Figaro!
ANNOUNCE (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with Wayne Allwine and
Russi Taylor, Disney’s voices of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, will now
begin in the Arbordale Auditorium. Enter ‘run welcome;chat;a’ to
get there if you’re not already there!
Mickey says, “AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney
Fan Club, in association with The Walt Disney Co., are proud to
present the eleventh in our series of Special Invited Talks with
our special guests, Mr. Wayne Allwine and Miss Russi Taylor.”
Mickey says, “In high school, Wayne formed his own acoustic folk
music group and is still an accomplished musician. He recorded with
several groups and had the hit single ‘Blue’s Theme’ with the ‘Davie
Allan and the Arrows’ rock group.”
Mickey says, “Wayne is also an award-winning sound effects wizard,
winning a Prime Time Emmy Award, two Golden Reel awards, and the
Golden Scissors award for his work on Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing
Stories’ and Disney’s ‘The Great Mouse Detective.'”
Mickey says, “He was personally instructed in sound effects
techniques by his dear friend and teacher, Mr. Jimmy Macdonald.”
Mickey says, “Jimmy was the 2nd person to provide a voice for
Mickey Mouse — Wayne is the 3rd — and Jimmy learned from Walt
Disney himself, the first man to ever voice Mickey.”
Mickey says, “After 8 years as Mr. Macdonald’s only assistant,
Jimmy pronounced Wayne “more than ready” to assume the role of
Disney’s Chief Creative Sound Effects Person.”
Mickey says, “Since 1977 Wayne has provided Mickey with a voice
in cartoons, animated features, radio, TV shows, commercials,
talking books, toys, cassettes & CDs, talking computer games,
talking wrist-watches & clocks — even talking toothbrushes! —
and of course in Disney’s theme parks worldwide.”
Mickey says, “Wayne was nominated for an Academy Award for his
first featurette, ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol,’ and got an Oscar
nomination again for his latest theatrical production with Mickey,
‘Runaway Brain.'”
Mickey says, “Wayne is married to our other special guest
tonight, Miss Russi Taylor. Russi Taylor is as bubbly as the
fa-mouse Disney Character she gives voice to, Minnie Mouse.”
Mickey says, “Miss Taylor sang a duet as Minnie with Elton John
on the ‘Totally Minnie’ special and has given Ms. Mouse life in
many other specials, TV productions, features, commercials, Disney
theme parks worldwide, radio shows and toys.”
Mickey says, “Russi has nine Emmy award certificates for her
vocal work, is fluent in four languages and a variety of accents,
and provides voices for many other Characters besides Minnie Mouse:”
Mickey says, “Huey, Dewey, Louie (Donald Duck’s nephews) and Webby
on ‘Ducktales’… On ‘The Simpsons’ she’s portrayed class president
Martin Prince, the twins Sherry and Terry, and Uter, the German
exchange student…”
Mickey says, “Russi is also Baby Gonzo on ‘Muppet Babies,’ the
mean cat in ‘Babe,’ Pearl’s mother in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid,’
as well as the voice of Widget, Strawberry Shortcake, Pac Baby,
Pebbles Flintstone and many others.”
Mickey says, “Wayne and Russi, thanks for joining us this
Mickey says, “And to all of you out there in the Arbordale
Auditorium, thanks for joining us, too. Let’s give a big EMuck
welcome to Mr. Wayne Allwine and Miss Russi Taylor!”
Mickey is out of breath!
RussiTaylor says, “I’m exhausted just reading all that!”
Mickey says, “None of us onstage can hear you in the audience
while we’re at the podium, so that is why there is the REQUEST
feature in the auditorium…”
Mickey says, “To leave a question, enter the word REQUEST and
then wait to be prompted to enter your question. If your question
is longer than one line, just wait to press your Enter key until
the end of your question, not the end of each line.”
Mickey says, “While we’ll ask all of the questions in the
REQUEST queue, there are already a lot of questions lined up,
so please limit your follow-up questions. To follow-up, enter
PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I’ll pass it on to Wayne and Russi.”
Mickey says, “Transcripts of tonight’s chat will be available
at EMuck’s web site and ftp site in a few days. We’ll announce
when the transcripts are ready.”
Mickey says, “Wayne & Russi, this year the Characters of Mickey
Mouse and Minnie Mouse turn 70 years old. Since you are Disney’s
official voices for those two `Meeces,’ let me be among the first
to wish you `Happy 70th Birthday!’ and thank you for kicking off
this year’s big birthday bash with us here on EMuck!”
Mickey grins at WayneAllwine and RussiTaylor and wiggles his
nose. As it jiggles up and down, his big mousie ears wiggle-waggle!
Mickey exclaims, “Huh-hah!”
Mickey says, “So Wayne, how does it feel to be talking *to*
Mickey, instead of *for* him? 8=o)”
WayneAllwine says, “Very strange. But nice.”
Mickey says, “Ready for more questions, Wayne & Russi?”
RussiTaylor says, “You betcha.”
Mickey says, “OK, here we go!”

Next question:
(Double_D) Can you tell us anything about the upcoming TV series,
‘MouseWorks?’ Has production already started? (P.S. Please change
the title!)

RussiTaylor says, “Yes, we’re already in production. The scripts
are wonderful, just like the old time cartoons.”
RussiTaylor says, “We’re having a wonderful time and feel very
lucky to be doing it. Also, it’s nice that Roy Disney is involved
in the production.”
WayneAllwine says, “These new shows are gag-driven, not dialogue-
WayneAllwine says, “Wish we could help you with the title problem…”
RussiTaylor says, “I like it.”
WayneAllwine says, “Far out of our domain.”
Mickey says, “We’re lucky to be able to see y’all in new regular
productions! What is Roy Disney’s involvement?”
RussiTaylor says, “He’s executive producer, I believe… and watch
dog. He’s certainly putting the ol’ Mickey back to work.”
Mickey grins

Next question:
(Double_D) Can you tell us anything at all about the plans for
Mickey and Minnie’s 70th birthday party?

RussiTaylor says, “So far, it’s a surprise…”
WayneAllwine says, “Even to us!”
Mickey says, “Great! I love birthday surprises!”
WayneAllwine says, “Alice says to watch for a big truck to go
across the nation.”

Next question:
(Mickey) Wayne & Russi, what other upcoming projects are you
involved in (that you can talk about) as Mickey & Minnie — plus
anything else you’re doing?

RussiTaylor says, “Today I was a Laughing Bee for the Animal
Kingdom parade.”
WayneAllwine says, “And we’re both recording next week for the
Cruise Line.”
RussiTaylor says, “Plus I’m doing some Grandmother Willow next
RussiTaylor says, “And we also have a project of our own that we
have written and produced. It’s very exciting for us.”
WayneAllwine says, “It’s a non-Disney project, but we’re very
excited about it. We’ve been working very hard on it.”
WayneAllwine says, “Sorry to say, it’s still confidential, as
far as any specifics go. But hopefully — please keep your fingers
crossed — you’ll all be hearing a lot more about it SOON!”
Mickey says, “We’ll keep our eyes and EARS open! Follow-ups:
Did you record for promotions for the Disney Cruise Line, or for
what will be heard onboard ship? Also, you weren’t the original
Grandmother Willow, correct, Russi? Have you played her before?”
WayneAllwine says, “So far, just the show on the ship. This
will feature Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Captain Hook… and
I think Chip ‘n’ Dale.”
RussiTaylor says, “About Grandmother Willow, no, I wasn’t the
original — that was Linda Hunt. But I am the official substitute
voice and am very, VERY honored to be doing the voice of such a
wonderful actress.”
RussiTaylor says, “I’ve admired her for a long time.
RussiTaylor says, “I have played her before…for the Pocahontas
stage shows for Disneyland and WDW. I enjoy it very much… Well,
I love doing any kind of voice work.”
Mickey says, “I’m sure you do a fine Grandmother Willow, Russi!
I’ve heard wonderful things about those stage shows. When does
‘Mouseworks’ prem-EAR?”
WayneAllwine says, “Good question.”
WayneAllwine says, “Of course, they record the voices first, and
there’s a lot of animation to be done. So, who knows?”

Next question:
(Alice) Wayne & Russi, I wonder if you could briefly tell us how
you each got your starts in voiceover.

RussiTaylor says, “What shall I say? Well, uh… it’s a lonnnng
Mickey is all ears!
RussiTaylor says, “I’ll try a shorter version.”
RussiTaylor says, “I like doing voices. So I started. And I’m
still going. And I’m very lucky.”
Mickey says, “Heh-heh! How about a little longer version?”
RussiTaylor says, “Okay….”
RussiTaylor says, “When I first got back to the U.S. from Europe,
I took a voice-over workshop, because I knew that’s what I wanted to
do. I was very lucky. I got a very fine agent. He started sending
me out on everything in town. Including jobs specifically for men!”
RussiTaylor says, “And I started getting lots of work
immediately… As I said, I’m very lucky.”
WayneAllwine says, “And very talented”
Mickey agrees!
WayneAllwine says, “It helps a lot…”
WayneAllwine says, “I got my start by accident. It’s true.”
WayneAllwine says, “Um… I filled in for an actor who missed his
audition, and was told a few weeks later, that I had to join the
Screen Actors Guild because I got the role… as Mickey.”
RussiTaylor says, “The rest is history!!! And ‘her-story’ too!”
Mickey says, “Wow!”
RussiTaylor giggles
Mickey says, “Who was the actor?”
WayneAllwine says, “Nobody knows. His name didn’t appear on the
sheet — or in the credits.”
Mickey says, “So this job you filled in on at the last moment was
for doing Mickey’s voice, or something else?”
WayneAllwine says, “Mickey’s voice.”
Mickey says, “Which production?”
WayneAllwine says, “My first job would have been the opening for
‘The New Mickey Mouse Club’ which ran in late 1977 or 1978.”
WayneAllwine says, “Scary isn’t it?”
Mickey says, “It wasn’t Jimmy Macdonald, then?”
WayneAllwine says, “No. And it wasn’t Jimmy Macdonald on the
original Mickey Mouse Club, either.”
WayneAllwine says, “It was Walt.”
Mickey thinks that actor who missed the session is kicking himself!
RussiTaylor says, “I’m sure he doesn’t even know it happened.”
RussiTaylor says, “I’m glad it turned out the way it did, though.”
Mickey is very grateful Walt provide Mickey’s voice on the original
MMC… we can still hear him each weeknight now on The Disney Channel.
WayneAllwine says, “Right.”
Mickey says, “If you listen to Walt’s Mickey on that MMC very
carefully, you can hear Walt’s voice in there.”
Mickey says, “He sounded different than how he did Mickey when
he was younger”
WayneAllwine says, “Well, it was the last Mickey that Walt
recorded. He was a smoker, and his voice pitch had dropped
Mickey says, “Yes, that was the last of Walt’s Mickey we ever
heard…. not ‘Mickey and the Beanstalk’ like some publicity has
WayneAllwine says, “Uh-huh.”
RussiTaylor says, “But Beanstalk was his last feature film.”
Mickey nods
RussiTaylor says, “Not everyone knows he did that MMC. It was
sort of a drop-in.”
WayneAllwine says, “Actually, a peek-around-the-corner…”
WayneAllwine says, “He reminded Jimmy Macdonald that ‘I can
do that too, ya know…'”
RussiTaylor says, “Jimmy probably said, ‘Step right in,
Mickey says, “He was the boss!”

Next question:
(Double_D) Russi, I read that there was an unusual audition
for Minnie’s voice. Please tell us about it.

RussiTaylor says, “Well, it was interesting. I wasn’t really
that nervous, but I was very excited. I really wanted to land the
role. It’s such a privilege.”
RussiTaylor says, “I have a very high voice, naturally. And
mostly, I was studying vocal mannerisms. Once I got into the
audition and they heard that my voice matched Minnie’s, they
asked me to improvise to see how well I could capture the
character with new copy, or when ad-libbing.”
RussiTaylor says, “So, I took a deep breath, and just gave it
my all, and the rest is her-story!”
RussiTaylor says, “Okay… the first thing that popped into my
head was… Romeo and Juliet. So, I swooned a little and let ‘er
Mickey says, “Did you sing ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’
sometime early in your career as Minnie?”
RussiTaylor says, “You betcha. Thanks for asking.”
Mickey grins
RussiTaylor says, “I did the Kiki Dee part. What a thrill!”
Mickey says, “I loved the ‘Totally Minnie’ special you did with
Elton John, singing that song with him.”
RussiTaylor says, “Thanks!”
Mickey says, “Did you sing that song on your audition, too?”
RussiTaylor says, “Nope. But there was a lot of Baloney,
Macaroni, and Huckleberry Pie!”
Mickey says, “M-I-… C-K-E-Y-eye!!!”
Mickey says, “Don’t forget…”
Mickey says, “To dot…”
Mickey says, “The I!”
Mickey grins — he couldn’t resist.
Mickey says, “Follow-up from Max: Was there a version of Toni
Basil’s ‘Mickey’ recorded as sung by Minnie? For some reason that
sounds familiar…”
WayneAllwine says, “Yes, on the Mickey Sports CD. It came out
about a year ago.”

Next question:
(Double_D) Did you learn the voices of Mickey and Minnie from
someone else, or were you able to do the voices by yourself

WayneAllwine says, “No, I auditioned from what I remembered
Mickey sounding like on the MMC when I was a kid.”
RussiTaylor says, “I listened to voice reference tapes. I
studied up for the audition.”
Mickey says, “Follow-up from Rufus: What are ‘voice reference
RussiTaylor says, “It’s called
and learn it!”
Mickey grins

Next question:
(Alice) What would be the most important pieces of advice you
would offer one hoping to break into the voiceover biz?

Mickey waves to Alice!
WayneAllwine says, “Remember it is an acting job.”
RussiTaylor says, “Learn to act.”
WayneAllwine says, “Take workshops.”
RussiTaylor says, “And remember, it is really a job, not a hobby.”
Mickey says, “If this was ABC or The Disney Channel, we’d break
for commercials now… but it isn’t, we’re on EMuck. So on to the
next question!”
RussiTaylor says, “Okay!”
Mickey says, “Double D asks….”
Mickey says, “How and why are you also the singing voices for
Mickey and Minnie?”
Mickey says, “My guess: talent!”
WayneAllwine says, “Aw…”
WayneAllwine says, “We are both very lucky to be fairly good singers
as well as actors. It’s very important for the character to remain
consistent. It’s so much easier if we can do both the acting and
WayneAllwine says, “I guess that’s part of the reason we
landed the roles.”
Mickey says, “Yes, Wayne, and you started with music back in
your high school days, right? Do you still sing and play — not as
WayneAllwine says, “Yes. Sometimes I play the drums with the
remaining members of the ‘Firehouse Five + 2.’ Russi and I both
sing with the band. It’s a Dixieland band.”
Mickey says, “Is the group still called the ‘Firehouse Five + 2?'”
WayneAllwine says, “It’s no longer called the ‘Firehouse Five +
2’… It’s now the ‘Monrovia Old-Style Jazz Band.'”
Mickey says, “Are there records/CD’s/tapes of the new group?”
RussiTaylor says, “No.”
Mickey says, “Any plans for that?”
WayneAllwine says, “We’re only nine years old, after all….”
RussiTaylor says, “And we just play for fun.”
Mickey says, “I’m sure it would be fun to listen to it, and
maybe one day we’ll all get lucky enough to hear y’all.”
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you!”
Mickey says, “Where do you perform?”
WayneAllwine says, “Jazz festivals around the state.”
WayneAllwine says, “Catalina sometimes…”

Next question:
(Double_D) How often do you do your voices in public?

RussiTaylor says, “VERY seldom. Every once in awhile, when we do
radio remotes live from Disneyland or WDW. So, the public may
be able to hear and see us then. But it’s very rare.”
RussiTaylor says, “It’s very important to protect the
mystique of the Characters. The company tries to protect
childrens’ perception of the Characters.”
RussiTaylor says, “Wouldn’t want to traumatize them, ya know…”
Mickey says, “Yes, indeed. I was lucky enough to see both of you
perform in public at one of the Disneyana Conventions, and was also
thrilled to meet you in person then. I still remember the last
thing you said to me, Wayne… You said ‘Seeya real soon!’.”
Mickey grins
WayneAllwine says, “Aw, that’s nice.”
RussiTaylor says, “Thanks for remembering.”
Mickey says, “How are you two doing? Ready for more questions?”
RussiTaylor says, “Sure!”
WayneAllwine says, “Sure!”

Next question:
(Alice) Wayne, I understand you did some voicing for ‘The Black
Cauldron.’ For which characters did you provide voices? And…did
you enjoy working on that project?

WayneAllwine says, “Henn Wenn, the pig, and about 85% of the
voices heard in the castle. It was an interesting project, working
with three directors, one of whom was Rich Rich, who went on to
direct ‘Swan Princess,’ I believe.”

Next question:
(Double_D) What voices for other characters have you done? And
a follow-up: Does Russi do the voice of Birdie from the McDonald’s
commercials? Minnie’s and Birdie’s voices are very similiar.

RussiTaylor says, “Uh-huh, I sure do.”
WayneAllwine says, “I’ve done other characters over the years.
The last thing I did was re-voice an ambulance driver in ‘Alien
Nation’ — the movie — not to be confused with the TV series, of
WayneAllwine grins
Mickey nods!
RussiTaylor says, “What have I done? Oh my…”
Mickey says, “You’ve been very busy, Russi!”
RussiTaylor says, “Baby Gonzo in ‘The Muppet Babies,’ the nephews,
Webbigail, Strawberry Shortcake,…”
RussiTaylor says, “Martin Prince, Uter, Sherry & Terry on ‘The
RussiTaylor says, “5 Ponies and the Bushwooley Leader on ‘My
Little Pony’ in the film and series….”
RussiTaylor says, “the cat in ‘Babe’… I’m in ‘Babe 2’ — coming
out in November this year… and, and, and, um… long ago…
I was Ted and Georgette’s baby on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'”
WayneAllwine says, “She was also the sick baby in ‘Terms of
RussiTaylor says, “I’ve done so many babies I don’t even know
their names anymore!”
RussiTaylor says, “I was Roseanne’s baby– Baby DJ, and… I
can’t think of any more. Wayne knows better than I do.”
WayneAllwine says, “Leave me alone, I have a headache.”
Mickey says, “Have you ever done Chip & Dale?
WayneAllwine says, “No, we haven’t done the chipmunks.”
Mickey says, “Do you do the voices of Donald Duck’s nephews
with a different technique than Tony Anselmo does for Donald’s
voice, Russi?”
RussiTaylor says, “Yes, I do the nephews using a different
technique — and there are three different, distinct voices for
each… if ya listen…”
Mickey nods
Mickey says, “Russi, I remember you telling the Disneyana
ConventionEars that you use your hand in some way when doing the
RussiTaylor says, “Don’t tell everybody!”
Mickey is sorry!
Mickey smiles
RussiTaylor says, “I’m embarrassed enough!”
Mickey says, “You need to avoid stress in the throat?”
RussiTaylor says, “Don’t we all?…”
Mickey says, “Well, would you tell us about how you use your hands?”
RussiTaylor says, “I cross all my fingers. I put all the tension in
my hands –”
RussiTaylor says, “My throat is loose as a goose!”

Next question:
(Lumiere) Russi, you do a lot of character voices for ‘The Simpsons’
and I really love the one you do for Uter. What is your favorite voice
to do on that show?

RussiTaylor says, “Martin.”
Mickey says, “The class prez”
RussiTaylor says, “He’s just so, so… innocent.”

Next question:
(Mickey) When your kids realized you provide the voices of Mickey,
Minnie, and many other Characters, how did they react? Are your
children learning how to imitate character voices?

RussiTaylor says, “They think they are!”
Mickey smiles
RussiTaylor giggles
WayneAllwine says, “The biggest problem is that their classmates
don’t believe them”
WayneAllwine says, “We end up having to go to Parents’ Day to prove
it to all of them. It sounds silly, but it’s true.”
RussiTaylor says, “The kids thought it was really cool.”
Mickey says, “What are your kids’ ages?”
WayneAllwine says, “They range in age from 10 to 26.”
Mickey says, “Do you take them to Disneyland?”
RussiTaylor says, “And how!”
Mickey grins
RussiTaylor says, “And they all love Disneyland!”
WayneAllwine says, “Yeah. That’s for sure.”

Next question:
(Double_D) Do you find some of Mickey and Minnie’s characteristics
in you and vice versa?

WayneAllwine says, “I’ve come to find them over the years. Doing
Mickey has definitely changed my life. I can say that in all
WayneAllwine says, “Russi?”
RussiTaylor says, “I think Minnie and I are alter egos.”
Mickey says, “What characteristics do you share with Mickey, Wayne?”
WayneAllwine says, “Big ears and tail.”
Mickey grins and wiggles his ears!
Mickey says, “No, really”
RussiTaylor says, “They’re both just great guys.”
WayneAllwine says, “And naive as can be! Well, sort of…”
RussiTaylor says, “Don’t believe it.”
WayneAllwine says, “Russi is all of the goodness that is Minnie.
But Russi also has Minnie’s good sense, and…”
WayneAllwine says, “gulp…”
WayneAllwine says, “temper.”
Mickey says, “Oh my!”
RussiTaylor says, “What do you mean?!!! Temper?!!!!”
RussiTaylor says, “Hmph!”
WayneAllwine says, “Sorry…”
RussiTaylor giggles
WayneAllwine giggles…sort of
Mickey passes out more Mouse-ke-cola to calm things down.
RussiTaylor says, “Thank you!”
Mickey says, “Time for the next question!”

Next question:
(Double_D) Do you feel that you are carrying on some kind of
“tradition” as the voices of Mickey and Minnie?

RussiTaylor says, “Absolutely.”
WayneAllwine says, “Definitely.”
RussiTaylor says, “And we’re very proud to be part of it.”
WayneAllwine says, “I was going to say that, too!”
Mickey says, “Wayne, did you ever have an inkling when you met
Walt Disney in person that you’d be representing Mickey, the
corporate symbol of Walt’s Company? How does that make you feel?”
WayneAllwine says, “No, I met him as one of his lower-echelon
employees from the mail room. I was just happy to be working at
the studio.”
WayneAllwine says, “I’d known since I was about 7 that I wanted
to work for The Walt Disney Company, but in typical Mickey fashion
I never thought about WHERE in The Walt Disney Company I wanted to
RussiTaylor says, “Then what happened?”
WayneAllwine says, “Actually, I was recruited into the Music Dept.
by Bob Jackman, who just passed away and oddly enough, had supplied
the voice for Goofy in several cartoons.”
WayneAllwine says, “Bob asked me if I’d like to learn Jimmy
Macdonald’s job — he assumed that I’d know who Jimmy was and what
his job was.”
WayneAllwine says, “Looking to move in any direction except down,
I said — ‘Sure!’ I asked Bob if I needed to buy any supplies for
the job and he said, ‘Yes. Buy a drumset.'”
WayneAllwine says, “And this led to a wonderful 8-year relationship
with Jimmy Macdonald, Disney’s sound-effect wizard.”
Mickey grins and stage-whispers, “Psst! I wanna work for Disney,
too! As do a lot of folks in the Auditorium.” :: wink :: Follow-up
from Rufus: Does this feeling of tradition make the work harder for
the two of you?
RussiTaylor says, “That’s a very good question. I don’t know if I
should answer yes or no.”
WayneAllwine says, “I don’t know if it makes it any harder….
It certainly keeps you on your toes.”
RussiTaylor says, “And it’s a tremendous responsibility. These
Characters are precious and they have to be treated right. We love
them, very, very much.”
Mickey says, “Both Mickey & Minnie are in the best of hands with
the two of you.”
RussiTaylor says, “What a nice compliment!”
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you very much.”
Mickey says, “More compliments coming in from the audience now….”
Mickey listens…
RussiTaylor says, “We can’t read the nice things you’re all writing
yet, but Mickey told us how wonderful you all are.”
Mickey says, “Double_D says, “There’s a lot of people who expect
things from Mickey and Minnie, and you two give it to us.””
Mickey says, “Many others agree, as do I.”
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you! It’s always nice to know we’re
pleasing the folks we work for.”

Next question:
(Zeus) How do things like colds and sore throats affect your work?
Have you had to reschedule a recording session due to an illness or
do your character voices remain unaffected?

WayneAllwine says, “Well? We try to avoid crowds, especially
around holiday times when flu and colds are most rampant. But
occasionally, we pick up a bug or two.”
RussiTaylor says, “We’re always very careful with our voices, but
when we get sick, the people we work with are always the first to help
us in any way they can. If it’s rescheduling, or whatever, they’re
always there for us. We’re very lucky that way.”
WayneAllwine says, “Yeah, they’re like family.”
Mickey says, “Alice has just initiated a group hug for all the
audience and podium folks!!! Thanks, Alice.”
RussiTaylor says, “That felt good.”
Mickey smiles
WayneAllwine says, “Hey! Where’s my wallet?”
Mickey giggles
WayneAllwine giggles not
Mickey says, “Hey! Where’s my Michael Eisner watch?”

Next question:
(Double_D) Please tell us the story on how you two “lovemice” met.

Mickey says, “Oooo, great question with Valentine’s Day approaching”
RussiTaylor says, “Uh…”
WayneAllwine says, “We met at the ‘Totally Minnie’ session, didn’t
we, Russi?”
RussiTaylor says, “Yes.”
WayneAllwine says, “I was the voice on the cutting-room floor in
that production.”
RussiTaylor giggles
Mickey says, “Please tell us all about how you met!”
RussiTaylor says, “Well, um…”
RussiTaylor says, “We met long before we ever got serious about each
WayneAllwine says, “Yeah.”
Mickey says, “Sometimes love at first sight is only in the cartoons.”
RussiTaylor says, “We met doing the voices, of course. You get to
know other actors, and Wayne was always very professional and a pleasure
to work with.”
RussiTaylor says, “At one point, we’d both gone through difficult
divorces, and got together as friends after work, just to talk.”
RussiTaylor says, “We’ve been talking ever since.”
Mickey says, “And we’ve been listening and enjoying hearing you talk!”
RussiTaylor says, “It was fate.”
WayneAllwine says, “Yes, beloved.”
Mickey sees big red Toony hearts appear around Wayne & Russi.

Next question:
(Double_D) What are some of your favorite Disney films? What are
some of your favorite projects with Mickey and Minnie’s voices?

RussiTaylor says, “Everything!”
WayneAllwine says, “Favorite projects… I loved doing ‘Prince and
the Pauper.'”
RussiTaylor says, “You were wonderful in that…”
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you.”
Mickey says, “Yes you were! Doubly so!”
WayneAllwine says, “‘MouseWorks’ is a lot of fun.”
RussiTaylor says, “‘Runaway Brain’ was a lot of fun. All the shows
in the park are a lot of fun. Toys, games, toothbrushes?…”
RussiTaylor says, “It’s all fun!”
RussiTaylor says, “It’s ALL fun, do you hear?!!”
RussiTaylor laughs
Mickey says, “I was so glad to see ‘Runaway Brain’ and that your
Characters were given new life. Great to hear about ‘MouseWorks’
coming up, too! So, about the Disney films? Are they all your faves,
or do you have any particular ones you like more?”
WayneAllwine says, “‘Peter Pan,’ and ‘Lady and the Tramp’ would be
my favorites.”
RussiTaylor says, “I just love everything. That’s why I wanted to
work for the company!”
Mickey applauds.

Next question:
(Double_D) Russi, why are women usually chosen to do voices for
young children, especially boys?

RussiTaylor says, “Children are used a great deal in the business.
However, sometimes, especially in voice work, the hours can be
grueling. Sometimes there’s a need for a more mature understanding
of the role.”
RussiTaylor says, “There’s also an added expense because a social
worker/studio teacher must be provided for the children at all times
for their protection.”
WayneAllwine says, “It helps if you have the voice box of a ten year
old, like Russi.”
RussiTaylor says, “Before we move on, I did want to mention an
example of the grueling hours and so on…”
RussiTaylor says, “When Heather O’Rourke, the little girl in
‘Poltergeist’ was barely 5 years old, she had to loop (replace
dialogue) — her own voice — in many scenes. In some cases, it was
too difficult for her, and also, Steven Spielberg was concerned that
looping, a very difficult art, might be frustrating for her.”
RussiTaylor says, “So, I would finish sentences for her and make
small fixes in her dialogue for clarity, etc.”
RussiTaylor says, “We were a very good voice match. And Steven was
incredible to work for.”
RussiTaylor says, “Incidentally, Wayne’s Emmy was for a production
for Steven Spielberg.”
Mickey says, “Yes, ‘Amazing Stories!’ Thanks for the extra
information, Russi! Wayne, does doing Mickey’s falsetto strain your
voice in any way?”
WayneAllwine says, “No.”
Mickey says, “That’s good to hear.”
WayneAllwine says, “I was a rock singer early on. I sang first
tenor parts on club band covers of Righteous Brothers songs. So,
falsetto was never difficult for me to work in.”

Next question:
(Double_D) Wayne, ‘Mickey’s Christmas Carol’ was the first film you
did as Mickey’s voice. What were your feelings about your debut as
Mickey’s new voice?

WayneAllwine says, “Scared.”
WayneAllwine says, “I learned that you have to trust your director
to make the right choices from the many takes recorded. The voice-over
actor has very little say as to which take is used.”

Next question:
(Double_D) Wayne, in ‘The Prince and the Pauper,’ you did not only
Mickey’s voice, but also the voice of the prince (Mickey with a British
accent). Whose idea was that? And why were you chosen to do both roles?

WayneAllwine says, “George Scribner was our director, so, I guess it
was his. I prayed they’d find a nice young English kid to do the
prince. But no… they kept saying ‘No, the voices have to match.'”
WayneAllwine says, “I was so happy with George’s choices from the
takes at the sessions. I was very lucky… Many of my takes sounded
remarkably like Julia Child.”
RussiTaylor giggles
Mickey says, “Had you done dialects before that? You did very well
at it, by the way!”
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you.”
WayneAllwine says, “I owe it all to my vocal coach, a man named
Larry Moss, from UCLA. By the way, Larry voiced Leopold Stokowski in
the digital re-make of Fantasia.”

Next question:
(Double_D) Wayne, have you ever worked with animator Andreas Deja,
who drew Mickey for ‘Runaway Brain?’

RussiTaylor says, “You betcha!”
WayneAllwine says, “Yes!”
RussiTaylor says, “He’s wonderful. He’s just so great.”
WayneAllwine says, “He’s a very good friend. And what a talent!”
Mickey looks at the Mickey Mouse clock on the wall…
Mickey says, “We’ve got 20 more questions in the queue…”
Mickey says, “Want to take one more tonight?”
RussiTaylor says, “Sure.”
Mickey says, “…and would you mind coming back again for more
WayneAllwine says, “Not at all.”
RussiTaylor says, “We’d love to.”
Mickey says, “Thank you both very much! I’m sure we’ll think of
many more things to ask for next time!”
RussiTaylor says, “No, no. Thank YOU.”
Mickey says, “You’re very kind. Okay, here’s the last question
for tonight…”
Mickey says, “…but the others in the list WILL be asked the next
time you come to EMuck.”
Mickey says, “First, a message from EMuck’s Baloo… He says he’s
sorry he didn’t get to meet you there at Disney tonight.”
Mickey waves to Baloo in the audience.
RussiTaylor says, “We’re sorry, too.”
WayneAllwine says, “Where are you?”
WayneAllwine waves
Mickey says, “He’s at home right now — and out there in the
Arbordale Auditorium listening to this chat.”
RussiTaylor waves, too
Mickey says, “OK, here’s the next and last (for tonight) question:”

Next question:
(Alice) For Wayne and Russi: Do you find that, aside from Disney
work (or heck, even inclusive of Disney work) that vo characters have
become more and more ‘edgy’ and ‘sarcastic’? Do you think this trend
will continue?

RussiTaylor says, “I hope not.”
WayneAllwine says, “The nature of animation in the past was to
mirror the society it was created for. The Disney Characters are
unique — the original Disney Characters, that is — in that they were
created in a gentler time.”
WayneAllwine says, “Um… ”
WayneAllwine says, “Sadly, ‘South Park’ — nothing against the
creators of ‘South Park’ — mirrors kids today. Not ALL kids…”
RussiTaylor says, “Well, maybe many ADULTS’ vision of kids today.”
WayneAllwine says, “Do I think it will continue? As long as they
can sell advertising time, it will.”
RussiTaylor says, “However… We’re hoping, with our own project,
we might be able to add a more gentle voice to children’s animation.
We’re very proud of who we are and what we do. We LOVE trying to
continue the tradition.”
WayneAllwine says, “We’ve certainly had the best teachers in the
Mickey says, “Wayne and Russi, on behalf of Amberthree Productions,
the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club, and all of us on EMuck, we thank you
so very much for coming here tonight! Would you please join me down
in the audience for a few minutes to meet your fans?”

Meecelet leaves the podium and heads through the door to the…
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large
Current Topic: Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse voice artists
Current Moderator: Mickey
Current Guest Speakers: RussiTaylor(Minnie) & WayneAllwine(Mickey’s voice)
This chat begins Fri., 1/30 at 11 PM Eastern/10 PM Central/8 PM Pacific
> To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter ‘REQUEST’ (without quotes)
> and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can
> be longer than one line – Just wait to press your Enter key until after you
> finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions
> may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at
> the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.
Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey’s Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter,
No-Spam Seats [EHX]
Plush Mickey Mouse doll, Plush Minnie Mouse doll, Air Russis, Air Waynes,
Stenographic camera
Lumiere, Alice, Angela, Rufus, Double_D, Max, Phil, Gromit, Disneygirl,

Max grins and nods.
Alice looks at Rufus!
WayneAllwine comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium
from the stage and podium.
Alice applauds wildly!
Double_D applauds again.
Lumiere applauds!!!
Max claps loudly.
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the
stage and podium.
Sunni applauds
Gromit applauds but does not speak.
Phil claps.
Mickey exclaims, “Let’s hear it for Wayne & Russi!”
Rufus applauds loudly.
Alice jumps up and down!!!
Angela applauds
RussiTaylor comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from
the stage and podium.
Sunni says, “Encore!”
Double_D shakes Wayne and Russi’s hands.
Gromit applauds but does not speak.
WayneAllwine exclaims, “Thank you!”
Mickey claps his white gloved hands as loudly as possible!
Max gathers everyone together and begins leading them in singing the
Mickey Mouse Club march!
RussiTaylor exclaims, “Thank you very much!”
WayneAllwine says, “Aw, you guys are swell.”
Alice whistles loudly (unladylike, sure, but enthusiastic!)
Gromit continues to read his book, ‘Electronics for Dogs.’
Mickey says, “And thank you for being so kind as to come back again
another night for more chatting, Wayne and Russi”
Alice exclaims, “Gosh, this sure has been a treat!”
Max nodnods!
Double_D nods.
Phil says, “Oh, and you have your shoes. =:o)”

[Phil made ‘Air Waynes’ for Wayne and ‘Air Russis’ for Russi.]

Disneygirl exclaims, “Well hello you guys! Welcome to EMuck. (extends
her hand) I’m Disneygirl.”
Mickey says, “Folks, a transcript of this chat will be available in a
few days. We’ll announce when it is ready.”
Rufus exclaims, “Yeah, even better than meeting you at the Parks!”
Angela had no idea that Russi did voices in some of her fav cartoon
shows, ‘Muppet Babies,’ ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ and ‘My Little Pony!’
Rufus exclaims, “Yeah, check out Phil’s shoes!”
WayneAllwine slips on the Air Waynes, giggles, and suddenly feels like
wiggling his ears and eating cheese…
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “I’m Gromit and glad to meet you
Alice slips on the Air Russis and feels like wearing polka-dots to go
with them!
WayneAllwine slips on the Air Waynes, giggles, and suddenly feels like
wiggling his ears and eating cheese…
Double_D says, “We’ve got cheese next door…”
Mickey says, “Wayne & Russi, I’d like you to know that you are welcome
here ANYTIME, and not just for these special chats. You also can
request anonymouse character accounts here if you’d like to come
incognito to have fun here.”
Phil says, “Type ‘look Air Waynes’ or ‘look Air Russis’ =:o)”

[look Air Waynes]
They’re yellow Mickey shoes you can put ‘on’.

You slip on the Air Waynes, and giggle at how they feel. You suddenly
feel like wiggling your ears and eating cheese…

[look Air Russis]
Look! They’re cute little yellow high-heels you can ‘slip’ on.

You slip on the Air Russis, and feel like wearing polka-dots to go
with them!

Angela wants to know which ponies Russi voiced.
Double_D gives the plush Mickey Mouse doll a big hug!
Sunni says, “yeah”
Double_D gives the plush Minnie Mouse doll a big hug!
Rufus exclaims, “You should see the version of ‘Mickey’s Beanstock’

[There is a Disney-style themed virtual roller coaster based on
‘Mickey and the Beanstalk’ on EMuck in the ‘Toon Gardens’ theme park.]

RussiTaylor says, “Thank you. You’ve made us feel very welcome.”
RussiTaylor says, “You’ve made it very easy.”
Mickey says, “Double_D made you two ‘Plush Mickey Mouse doll’ and
“Plush Minnie Mouse doll’. You can ‘look’ at them!”

[look Plush Mickey Mouse doll]
It’s a plush doll of Mickey Mouse. He is wearing his classic red
shorts with white buttons, and big yellow shoes. You feel like giving
him a big ‘hug’!

You give the Plush Mickey a big hug! As you squeeze, you can almost
hear him squeak.

[look Plush Minnie Mouse doll]
It’s a plush doll of Minnie Mouse. She is wearing a dress and a bow
that are red with white polka dots, and big yellow high heel shoes.
She’s so cute, give her a big ol’ ‘squeeze’!

You give the plush Minnie Mouse doll a big hug! As you squeeze, you
can almost hear her squeak!

Alice admires the plush Minnie Mouse doll.
WayneAllwine says, “Thank you.”
Alice gives the plush Minnie Mouse doll a big hug!
WayneAllwine admires the plush Minnie Mouse doll.
Rufus admires the plush Mickey Mouse doll.
Double_D blushes. “Gosh, Mickey.”
Mickey asks, “Which one of us, Double_D? :-)”
Disneygirl snickers.
Double_D exclaims, “Er, both!”
Rufus admires the plush Minnie Mouse doll.
WayneAllwine admires the plush Mickey Mouse doll.
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “We are glad you are keeping up
the Disney traditions for excellent entertainment.”
Max says, “PaulP would be proud…”
Alice admires the plush Mickey Mouse doll.
Mickey changes back into his classic attire of red shorts and big
yellow shoes.
Mickey looks up in surprise as a sudden gust of wind blows the
Mouse-eared Moderator hat off his head and it sails to the ground.
Alice gives the plush Mickey Mouse doll a big hug!
Sunni wonders if Wayne or Russi did voices for ‘Gummi Bears?’
RussiTaylor says, “Thank you, Gromit.”
WayneAllwine asks, “How’s Wallace?”
Max nods at what Gromit said. “Thanks for keeping the magic, and
tradition, alive!”
Angela exclaims, “I have a real plush Mickey in the attic!”
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “He’s not on here unfortunately.”
Like the Cheshire Cat, Alice disappears and quickly reappears as
Glamour_Alice, and cries out, “Congratulations to EMuck on its new
home! How simply MAH-velous!”
Disneygirl Extends her Muck pad. “Could you sign this for my little
sister? Just make it out to Disneygirl….*ahem*”
Rufus rubs against Wayne and Russi’s legs in appreciation.
Glamour_Alice curtseys glamourously!
Gromit laughs at Disneygirl.
Glamour_Alice glamourously exclaims, “You have both been so dahhhhhling
to join us tonight!”
SunniGummi gives the plush Mickey Mouse doll a big hug!
Double_D agrees with Alice.
Meecelet admires the plush Minnie Mouse doll.
Meecelet gives the plush Minnie Mouse doll a big hug!
Meecelet gives the plush Mickey Mouse doll a big hug!
Glamour_Alice waves to Meecelet!
Sunni says, “hello Meecelet”
Meecelet waves!
Lightning flashes and the lights go out. A moment later the light
returns… But Max is gone. In his place is the vampire Goofula!
RussiTaylor says, “Well, now it’s time to say goodbye…”
WayneAllwine says, “To all our company…”
RussiTaylor exclaims, “Everybody!”
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “M I C…”
Double_D exclaims, “MIC!”
RussiTaylor says, “M – I – Ceeeee”
Lumiere exclaims, “Goodbye!”
Rufus says, “M-I-C”
Glamour_Alice elegantly says, “K E Y”
Double_D exclaims, “KEY!”
RussiTaylor says, “M – O – U – S Eeeeeeee”
Double_D raises his hands, and they begin glittering golden dust. He
waves his arms around the room, and pixie dust comes shooting out from
his hands in all directions. Soon, RussiTaylor, Mickey, WayneAllwine,
Meecelet, SunniGummi, Disneygirl, Gromit, Phil, Max, Rufus, Angela,
Alice, and Lumiere are generously sprinkled in pixie dust.
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, “Goodnight! Seeya back
here on EMuck ‘REAL SOON!!!'”
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, “Thanks again for
Sunni says, “Goodbye, Russi and Wayne, nice to meet you”
Sunni waves
Disneygirl exclaims, “Bye! Thanks for coming! :)”
Rufus says, “Thanks ever so for dropping by.”
Phil brushes the dust out of his goat fur.
Gromit exclaims, “Yeah!”
Angela waves
WayneAllwine says, “Nice to meet you, too.”
Double_D says, “Yes, thank you very much.”
Phil exclaims, “Yeah! It was great!”
RussiTaylor says, “Goodbye everybody. Thanks for being here tonight.”
Glamour_Alice watches Jimmy the Head Mouseketeer wink.
WayneAllwine exclaims, “So long!”
Gromit exclaims, “I used to play that all the time at work, it drove
everybody nuts! :)”
Max exclaims, “Thank *you* both for coming!”
RussiTaylor says, “And we’ll see ya…”
WayneAllwine exclaims, “Reeeeeeeal soon!”
Mickey claps!!!
Double_D grins.
Angela smiles
Glamour_Alice smiles and waves!!
Gromit offers the mouses cheese.
Double_D applauds also.
Rufus applauds loudly.
RussiTaylor exclaims, “Thanks!”
WayneAllwine exclaims, “Bye!”
Max wears out a pair of his white gloves clapping… time to reorder.
Sunni says, “Please come again and visit us”
Sunni smiles
WayneAllwine vanishes in a puff of smoke to the Welcome Center Lounge.
Max exclaims, “Seeya!”
RussiTaylor vanishes in a puff of smoke to the Welcome Center Lounge.
Gromit waves.
Rufus wavies bye-bye.
Glamour_Alice glamourously exclaims, “Gosh, that was GREAT!”
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “I hope they got the cheese.”
Double_D says, “Wow, that was great.”
Sunni hands Meecelet a bottle of Juice
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, “I’m so happy I could
Sunni smiles
Double_D hifives Glamour_Alice.
Glamour_Alice is ecstatic!!!
Fri Jan 30 23:55:25 CST 1998
Lumiere asks, “Why did Mickey and Minnie come to EMuck? It’s the
Disneygirl asks, “Mickey, did my question get asked? I had to step out
to the bathroom for a sec…”
Mickey happily says, “EMuck… It’s the cheesiest!”
Mickey says, “Huh-ha! Hah-ha!! Gosh, that’s a good one!”
Glamour_Alice was with them the whole time!
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “It’s like we had our hands on
history tonight. It’s like we went back in time and lived during the
days when Walt was alive…………..”
Mickey perks up his big mousie ears and asks, “Two computers in that
room, Alice?”
Double_D cowers to Disneygirl.
Sunni huggles all
Mickey happily says, “Gromit, that is so true. Good point!”
Lumiere oohs! “Alice was with the Meeces?”
Glamour_Alice nods to Mickey! “One of ’em a Mac laptop!”
Angela wishes Susan Egan would come here again.
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, “Alice, we gotta get you
the ability to connect when you’re at work!”
Sunni asks, “Meecelet?”
Max asks, “Your PowerBook 180c, Alice?”
Glamour_Alice HA’s!
Glamour_Alice nods yes to Max.
Phil says, “Well, all. I best be off.”
Double_D looks at the camera that is recording everything seen and every
word spoken.
Mickey says, “G’nite, Phil”
Angela waves
Rufus exclaims, “G’nite, Phil!”
Lumiere exclaims, “Goodnight Phil!”
Mickey says, “Nice shoes!”
Double_D exclaims, “Bye!”
Gromit hugs Phil tightly.
Max nods… “My 180c is semi-retired now… having been supplanted by
a 5300c.”
Mickey says, “And nice Plush, Double_D! How much did PaulP pay you?”
Max grins.
Mickey runs up to Phil and gives him a macho mousie huggle!
Phil says, “I handed them to them.”
Phil waves.
Double_D asks, “Who? Oh, him..uh.”
Phil hugs the mouse back.
SunniGummi gives the plush Mickey Mouse doll a big hug!
Phil zaps Phil.
Phil has left.
SunniGummi drops Plush Sunners
Double_D says, “I did it out of the goodness of my heart, and to add
items to my apt…”
Sunni smiles
Mickey says, “I can’t tell you how bizarre it was to be here, ‘Mickey,’
listening to Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor!”
Glamour_Alice has to log off!!!
Gromit rolls his eyes as if to say, “Well, good night, all.”
Glamour_Alice waves g’nite to all!!
Max waves to Alice. “Seeya!”
Angela waves
Lumiere exclaims, “Goodnight, Alice!”
Rufus exclaims, “G’nite, Alice!”
Glamour_Alice curtseys and dashes off.
Mickey says, “Double_D, next time they come back, have them ‘autograph’
the plush for ya!”
Gromit hears Wallace’s voice. “It’s the wrong trousers, Gromit, and
they’ve gone wrong! Help me, Gromit, help me!” Gromit rolls his eyes,
hops in his plane and leaves.
Sunni waves to Alice
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, “Bye bye, Alice! Drive
Glamour_Alice hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling her home…
Alice has left.
Double_D exclaims, “I’ll put a tag around them, good idea!”
Lumiere says, “I too must now leave. Goodnight everyone!”
Mickey says, “Goodnight, Lumi!”
Double_D picks up the stenographic camera along with its keyboard.
Max waves to Lumiere. “Seeya!”
Angela waves
Rufus exclaims, “Nite, Lumi!”
Lumiere goes home.
Lumiere has left.
Double_D will go turn his camera off…
Sunni huggles Meecelet
Double_D says, “Brb..”
Meecelet grins and huggles Sunni
Double_D has left.
Sunni asks, “How are you today, Meecelet?”
Meecelet says, “I’m so happy to have been up onstage with Wayne &
Russi, and Mickey!”
Disneygirl says, “Woah, the population sure dropped all of a sudden…”
Mickey says, “You were very good, Meecelet”
Meecelet grins
Angela rereads her letter from Susan Egan over and over and over . . .
Sunni just got a ISP connect so her RL will stay for a while
Sunni hands Meecelet some Gummi Berry Juice
Disneygirl asks, “Did you get a new one Angela, or is it the same one?”
Angela exclaims, “New one!”
Mickey says, “Folks, Wayne & Russi *will* be coming back… and Friday
nights are good for them.”
Double_D has arrived.
Double_D arrives and pauses to catch his breath from a brisk run.
Mickey says, “I’ll work it out with them when is good for them, and they
will be back for more fun!”
Angela exclaims, “Cool!”
Sunni applauds
Rufus says, “They seem like our kind of people.”
Mickey still wonders who took his Michael Eisner watch during that group
Angela’s eyelids are drooping
Mickey says, “Even though Alice had to leave, I’d like to publicly
thank both her and Baloo for working on technical things there at
Disney that helped get Wayne & Russi connected tonight.”
Rufus smiles and says, “Say goodnight, Angela.”
Sunni puts toothpick to hold up Angela’s eyelids
Rufus says, “Me too, Mickey.”
Mickey says, “I’d also like to give a big thanks to Susie at Disney,
who typed everything Wayne and Russi said tonight.”
Double_D says, “Goodnight, Angela.”
Mickey says, “Sweet dreams, Angela!”
Angela protests, “I don’t want to leave yet!”
Mickey says, “Then stay! By all means!”
Rufus offers Angela a cup of Cappucheeso to help her stay awake.
Angela giggles
Sunni gives Angela a cup of starbucks Coffee
Angela says, “The only thing I don’t like about special chats is you
don’t get to have a conversation with people”
Mickey says, “So, how do y’all feel?”
Angela cuddles her hamster
Mickey says, “I’m just as happy as after spending a day at a Disney
Double_D asks, “Um, happy?”
Sunni asks, “which park did you go to, Mickey??”
Angela exclaims, “Disney park! Wahhh!”
Mickey pats Angela consolingly on her back
Double_D says, “Happy as a….”
Sunni may, if luck holds out to go later this year.
Max has left.
Angela exclaims, “TN isn’t near anything!”
Double D leaps up high into the air. At the peak of his jump, his
body changes in a blinding flash of light. With a cry of “Hoo hoo
hoo hoooo!” Double D comes down dressed up in a finely detailed
costume of the one and only Tigger!
Mickey says, “Sunni, I mean I’m as happy now *as if* I had just gone
to a Disney park!”
DD(Tigger) bounces Mickey!
Mickey bounces!
DD(Tigger) exclaims, “Hiya, Mickster!”
DD(Tigger) asks, “Say, did I come in time for you?”
Max has arrived.
Sunni says, “yeah, Mickey”
Mickey says, “Rehi Max”
Mickey says, “Tigger, you’re late!”
DD(Tigger) gets off Mickey’s chest.
Mickey says, “Meecelet, you can stop taking notes now!”
DD(Tigger) looks around. “Say, not a lot of people here for the chat.”
Meecelet puts down his crayon.
Double D stands proudly in his Tigger costume. Suddenly, in a blinding
flash of light, the costume disappears around Double D’s body, and his
familiar robe and white gloves return to him.
Double_D says, “Sorry, I wanted to do that.”
Mickey says, “Meecelet does a great job of taking transcripts, but I
don’t think we need one anymore tonight.”
Sunni picks up Meecelet
Mickey smiles
Double_D exclaims, “Night, Meecelet!”
Meecelet waves bye-bye!
Rufus says, “Nite, Meecelet.”

With a tear in your eye… and a thump in your heart… you go home.

[End of transcript]

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