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Walt Disney Imagineering changed the voice of Mara in the “Indiana Jones Adventure” at Disneyland


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UPDATE: Be sure to read the great news in this article’s comments!
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Return the ominous voice of Mara at Disneyland to its former glory! Let your “true” voice be heard, as Mara’s once was! Sign the online petition here.

Why I signed it: I was so fortunate as to have my first experience riding the Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland way back when it was one of the highlights of the official Disneyana Convention one of the few times that convention was held by The Walt Disney Company at Disneyland rather than Walt Disney World. It was so long ago that all the effects in the attraction were still working as designed! Each time since then that I’ve returned, I’ve always enjoyed being warned by the ominous voice of Mara in that booming way of his. Imagine my surprise to hearing a recording of it this week and how I unimpressive it now sounds after being changed! I implore you, give back to us Disney fans the original voice of Mara! With any luck, you will restore it before my next vacation to my favorite place on earth, the Disneyland Resort. Whatever team changed Mara’s voice are certainly acting like “foolish mortals”!

See the new effects, which are great, and hear the not-great new voice on YouTube.

Again, please sign the online petition here.

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UPDATE: And, again, be sure to read the great news in this article’s comments!
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Disney’s Monstrous Summer 24-Hour All-Nighter

As part of the “Monstrous Summer” promotion, Disney kicked off “24 Hours of Magic” in its parks on both coasts of the U.S.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as well as Disneyland and Disney California Adventure were open for 24 hours, which ended this morning.

Here are my thoughts that I wrote about it, from home, on Twitter as DisneyEcho

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Hilarious video by an ex-Walt Disney World Cast Member

Hilarious video by an ex-Walt Disney World Cast Member

This guy landed a job at the most magical place on the planet: Walt Disney World. He narrated and animated his confession about some of the crazy stuff he did while working there. Key word: “some.”

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Monorail Purple into Disneyland Tuesday morning

Michael had the great idea to see if we could ride in the front of the monorail so I asked. They said yes! It was Monorail Purple, skinned in it’s Year of a Million Dreams motif. The new Monorail Red wasn’t online yet that morning because they had problems with it, we were told. It will be added sometime during the day, but they didn’t know when.

We also got to ride the new Monorail Red twice that week, and we’ll post about it in this travel blog, too.


photo photo


photo photo

The door opens and Michael is the first to get in.


Our monorail pilot said Disneyland doesn’t give out “Monorail License”s like WDW does.



In the picture below, Carol takes a picture before she enters the front of the monorail.


Pictures Carol took have been added into this blog entry, including this one of me (what she was shooting through the open door, above).


Michael also shot a video which we’ll post after getting home.


There are more pictures!


The first thing we see while at the Downtown Disney monorail station is a Cast Member parking lot.


Then some lovely flowering bushes.


Hard to believe this wooded scene used to be an asphalt parking lot.


Here’s something you don’t see every day… the backside of the Indiana Jones attraction.


Another look at what’s backstage behind the Indiana Jones attraction.


Now we passing over the picnic area. I will have more pictures of the picnic area from ground level later in this blog.

This is the Disneyland entry plaza.


Further east, going over the Disneyland entry plaza.

The Disneyland turnstyles with Main Street Train Station beyond.

Here is where hotel shuttle buses turn around.

Another bus turn-around area. Probably looks like crop circles from the air. 😉

On the left, the Cast Member building.

These are massive air conditioning units backstage behind Tomorrowland.

More backstage buildings on the left. We can see the monorail track on the right for heading back to the Downtown Disney station.

Our monorail track is on top, while the return monorail track comes in on a curve underneath before running parallel with our track. That’s Harbor Blvd. beyond the Disneyland fence.

On the left, Tomorrowland’s Autopia and the Matterhorn.

Michael did a great job taking video, which I’ll post here later.

The Matterhorn, behind Autopia.

The Matterhorn behind our monorail track seen going over the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage lagoon.

Here is the lagoon with Autopia behind it. Part of Autopia is actually on top of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, but you’d never know it.

Now we’re over Fantasyland with it’s a small world in the distance.

it’s a small world plaza

You can see a bit of it’s a small world behind the trees.

Fantasyland with our monorail track and the People Mover track to the right of it.

Here’s the switch track for when a monorail needs to go to the roundhouse.

The monorail track swirls around a lot of Disneyland before reaching the monorail station, giving great views of the park like this other one of the Matterhorn.

Here is the Mad Tea Party attraction.

A Disneyland exclusive: Alice in Wonderland attraction.

A waterfall on the Matterhorn.

Here is part of the queue area for the submarine voyage attraction.

We’re approaching the Tomorrowland station.

We’ve exited and now can see Monorail Purple from below.

That was our last ride on the old monorail. The next two times are with the new Monorail Red and we’ll have details of those exciting rides as well here on the blog.

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