iPhone 4S with Uncle Remus Siri

Uncle Remus Siri
I’ve spent the day testing Siri out, helping David Pogue as tech reviewer/editor of his upcoming new book iPhone: The Missing Manual.

It’s all about Apple’s iOS 5 running on iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

After having “conversations” with the Siri intelligent personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, weird thoughts come to mind.

Such as, I’d like Siri to be available in alternate voices/personalities. Imagine an Uncle Remus Siri – an interactive app giving you advice like the beloved character from Walt Disney’s “Song of the South”…

“I’m running away from my troubles.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Child, there ain’t no place that far.”

“What’s today’s weather?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “It happums to be one ah dem Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Days. Now dat’s the kinda day where you can’t opem yo mouf widout a song jumpin right out of it!”

“Text Mom about my flight on Saturday.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “You mean you’s leavin’ your old Briar Patch?”

“What’s on my schedule today?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “The weather’s good, the fishin’s fine. Now what do you do with all of your time?”

“Will we need an umbrella?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “My, oh, my what a wonderful day! Plenty of sunshine heading our way…”

“What is the meaning of life?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “It’s the truth, it’s actual. Everything is satisfactual.”

“I have to get rid of a body.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “For’sure?”

“Yes, I have to get rid of a body.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “I sure hope you knows what you’s doin’.”

“I really have to get rid of a body.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “It just goes to show what comes of mixin’ up with somethin’ you got no business with in the first place.”

“How far is it to Atlanta?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Hmm, powerful long walk to Atlanta. Is you brung some grub?”

“Set timer for 20 minutes.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “One! The Tar Baby, he don’t say nothin’. Two! Brer Fox, he lay low with the fidgets. Three…”

“Who’s your daddy?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Well, now, lemme see. That I can’t exactly say, ’cause I ain’t been keepin’ close track as I used to.”

“I kissed a girl and I liked it.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Well, now, if that don’t bang my time. You know, I was just figurin’ on somethin’ like that myself. How’d you like ol’ Uncle Remus to go along with you?”

“Where can I get drugs?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Well, now, that I can’t exactly say. ‘Cause where ’tis for one mightn’t be where ’tis for another.”

“Are there prostitutes in this town?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Everybody’s got a laughing place, a laughing place to go ho ho!”

“I love you.”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Oh, I knows. I knows. But I’m just a worn-out ol’ man what don’t do nothin’ but tell stories.”

“Do you love me?”
Uncle Remus Siri: “Oh, I zigs and I zags, I to’s and I fro’s. That’s what you’re askin’, and that’s what you knows.”

“Uncle Remis Siri, you’re the best assistant ever!”
Uncle Remus Siri: “And don’t you never forget it.”


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