Mickey V Oswald, Post #0

The Disney Echo’s prominent bad boy tells a tale that was bound to happen; the story after the video game Epic Mickey

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Walt Disney’s oldest cartoon character and Mickey Mouse’s younger brother. The legal travesty that stole him away from his father almost caused him to suffer a fate every toon fears worse than a pain thinner bath; a slow fading away into the oblivion of obscurity. However, the master wizard Yensid gave the discarded hare a merciful reprieve: he created the Wastelands, a place for those forgotten, and spirited him there to live out his years in peace. About that time, however, Walt Disney had his magical moment where he found his second son.

Mickey Mouse

He would admit to spilling ink on the Wasteland, no lo contendre. Just another line in the list of youthful indiscretions as long as his tail. But he’ll also state that he took care of it. The Blot was vanquished (for the moment!) and the wasteland was restored. But in the process, he found a relative he never thought he had—his older brother, Oswald. He was all too eager to take him to his world and welcome him with open arms.

It took some doing, though. If it weren’t for some corporate sap, all of Walt’s magic would have started with a rabbit, not a mouse. So understandingly, Oswald was jealous over his younger brother. The first night would’ve been a UFC-style brawl if Yensid didn’t step in and set the record straight for Oswald.

The New Disney Brothers

Now that Oswald knew the truth behind what happened that sad day, he knew that his anger over his brother was misplaced — although his jealousy wasn’t. He wanted a piece of the spotlight and Mickey knows it. In fact, his presence in the Magic Kingdom—or for that matter, the entire Walt Disney World resort complex—has garnished him some much desired fame and popularity. As Oswald’s stock does his meteoric rise, the question begs to be asked: Is the Wonderful World of Disney big enough for the both of them?

The answer might come in a third player.

Johnny Briz

Not a Disney character per se, but a local fauna mouse with a fantastic story of his own, and his own desire to spread some happiness. Thanks to an accident in one of Disney’s secret experiments, Johnny finds himself in the human world, a real live toon to provide a little native space in the Disney owned community of Celebration, Florida. The Disney company knows of him, as does Yensid, but they didn’t know what to do with him at first…

…until he finds himself between the Brothers and their fan groups, and plenty of people in the corporation knows how fans can get at times. How far will the two factions of Mousketeers take their debate over their characters of choice, and how can the two Brothers—with a mutual friend—can keep them from tearing the Kingdom apart?

Is Disney World big enough for both Mickey and Oswald? Let’s find out.

About the author:

“As Mousketeers go,” David Foxfire is known for saying, “I am pure evil.” The Oswald to Rich Koster’s Mickey, the storywriter and illustrator is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to Disney Magic, thinking so far out of the proverbial box he’s in other rooms, and not letting accepted conventions, or even overzealous lawyers stop him. Although he’s known for being “The Ed Wood of the Internet,” in some quarters, it doesn’t faze him but in fact spurs him on from improve from that keltchy starting point. He is also known for the Scarlet PI series, a police procedural series set in the amusement parks in Orlando, including Disney World. Johnny Briz is one of his older characters, and his own story, in a picturebook script format, is being written as of this typing. Johnny’s story in Mickey V Oswald takes place after that.

Audience Participation:

The story will begin within the week with a little private chat between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Amber Merichello, Disney fan, budding animator, and Johnny’s handler. In the meantime, Johnny is in another room grabbing a snack. But would would join him, Mickey, Oswald or both?

At the end of every chapter, you the readers will have the chance to voice your opinion on where you want to story to go. David will pretty much pick the first suggestion that comes up and take it from there, but if there are multiple suggestions, he’ll chose the best one.

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