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Professionally-shot photos: Tuesday

This is a good place to share some of the professionally-shot photos we’re getting on our Disneyland PhotoPass PhotoCD.

It hasn’t arrived yet, so these are screen shots until we get it sent to us.

This was taken Tuesday after we ate breakfast with Minnie and her friends in the Plaza Inn.

Looks like one of us isn’t buying into the bit that Tink landed in our hands. 😉

I guess we thought we were on a roller coaster. 😉

You never know who you’ll meet at Disneyland, although you can be pretty sure you’ll see Mickey there…

…Minnie, too!

Excuse me, folks… Which way to the Matterhorn?

Oh, there it is! 😉

It was a great day on Tuesday!

Everybody wants to get into the picture!

More to come — but that was all the professionally-shot photos on Tuesday!

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Disneyland Dream Suite Winners: If it’s Tuesday, it must be Monday’s winners


The Tuman family: They stayed in the Disney Dream Suite Monday night.

They were staying at a relative’s house (the home of the young man in the group) visiting, and went to Disneyland on Monday. The older man there in the picture was picked to win, so they went back to the house, packed up things to stay overnight, and returned to Disneyland. They all were at the Plaza Inn being treated to breakfast with Minnie and her friends the morning after staying in the Disneyland Dream Suite, and that’s where we met them and heard how it all happened. The man had just come out of Fantasyland attraction around 9 am when he was picked by the Dream Patrol Cast Members.


Cast Member Ben is making sure their morning is going well.

Space Mountain Tuesday Morning

Tuesday was an early entry day at Disneyland, so after getting off the monorail we first headed to Space Mountain to get Fast Passes for it — but the line was so short (the sign said 20 minutes, but it was actually less time than that) so we decided to ride it then!

You can click the smaller pictures below to see them larger.

Michael wasn’t in the mood to ride Space Mountain with us, but we stayed together in line for it then let the CM know it was just Carol and me riding. They had him walk on through the ride vehicle in front of us then wait at the exit for us to come out.

Guests go up ramps taking them to the second floor entrance of Space Mountain, which is on top of the theater (still) showing “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” — and then here inside the attraction you go down to the lower level to board. You can see how the two attractions are stacked on top of each other in the photo below.

The picture below was taken when we were walking across the “roof” of the HISTA theater.



Carol and I loved it! I took a chance and didn’t hold my glasses against my head like I did during our Easter week ride on Space Mountain — and they stayed on just fine.

I used my iPhone to take a picture of us from the display monitor at the exit.

On Friday night we found a Disneyland photographer outside of Space Mountain and had him take our picture in front of it.

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Monorail Purple into Disneyland Tuesday morning

Michael had the great idea to see if we could ride in the front of the monorail so I asked. They said yes! It was Monorail Purple, skinned in it’s Year of a Million Dreams motif. The new Monorail Red wasn’t online yet that morning because they had problems with it, we were told. It will be added sometime during the day, but they didn’t know when.

We also got to ride the new Monorail Red twice that week, and we’ll post about it in this travel blog, too.


photo photo


photo photo

The door opens and Michael is the first to get in.


Our monorail pilot said Disneyland doesn’t give out “Monorail License”s like WDW does.



In the picture below, Carol takes a picture before she enters the front of the monorail.


Pictures Carol took have been added into this blog entry, including this one of me (what she was shooting through the open door, above).


Michael also shot a video which we’ll post after getting home.


There are more pictures!


The first thing we see while at the Downtown Disney monorail station is a Cast Member parking lot.


Then some lovely flowering bushes.


Hard to believe this wooded scene used to be an asphalt parking lot.


Here’s something you don’t see every day… the backside of the Indiana Jones attraction.


Another look at what’s backstage behind the Indiana Jones attraction.


Now we passing over the picnic area. I will have more pictures of the picnic area from ground level later in this blog.

This is the Disneyland entry plaza.


Further east, going over the Disneyland entry plaza.

The Disneyland turnstyles with Main Street Train Station beyond.

Here is where hotel shuttle buses turn around.

Another bus turn-around area. Probably looks like crop circles from the air. 😉

On the left, the Cast Member building.

These are massive air conditioning units backstage behind Tomorrowland.

More backstage buildings on the left. We can see the monorail track on the right for heading back to the Downtown Disney station.

Our monorail track is on top, while the return monorail track comes in on a curve underneath before running parallel with our track. That’s Harbor Blvd. beyond the Disneyland fence.

On the left, Tomorrowland’s Autopia and the Matterhorn.

Michael did a great job taking video, which I’ll post here later.

The Matterhorn, behind Autopia.

The Matterhorn behind our monorail track seen going over the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage lagoon.

Here is the lagoon with Autopia behind it. Part of Autopia is actually on top of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, but you’d never know it.

Now we’re over Fantasyland with it’s a small world in the distance.

it’s a small world plaza

You can see a bit of it’s a small world behind the trees.

Fantasyland with our monorail track and the People Mover track to the right of it.

Here’s the switch track for when a monorail needs to go to the roundhouse.

The monorail track swirls around a lot of Disneyland before reaching the monorail station, giving great views of the park like this other one of the Matterhorn.

Here is the Mad Tea Party attraction.

A Disneyland exclusive: Alice in Wonderland attraction.

A waterfall on the Matterhorn.

Here is part of the queue area for the submarine voyage attraction.

We’re approaching the Tomorrowland station.

We’ve exited and now can see Monorail Purple from below.

That was our last ride on the old monorail. The next two times are with the new Monorail Red and we’ll have details of those exciting rides as well here on the blog.

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Getting ready for the day on Tues. morning, July 29th

We had a quick breakfast in the hotel room. With Michael’s help, Rich brought up coffees for Carol and himself, and also got orange juice and pastries at the DL Hotel Coffee House for all of us.

Here’s Carol in the bathroom. It has a double sink vanity.


A shot of Rich finalizing plans on the iPhone and discussing plans for the day with our son.


I’ll make Disney Echo penny wishes at Snow White Grotto Wishing Well in Disneyland today, July 29, 2008 for all site members, their families, friends and situations.

-Carol Koster, posting from my iPhone

A copy of USA Today was provided outside our door each morning. We never took the time to read the newspaper and didn’t watch news on the cable stations that week either. It was a vacation!

This artwork of Tomorrowland was seen by us quite often because it was near our room, opposite the elevator doors.

Great coffee is provided free to Guests in each of the 3 towers — but don’t oversleep or you’ll have to go to the Coffee House and buy it.

Michael helped bring coffee up to our room.

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Tuesday 7/29/08 6:25 am: The view from our room

Starting from my right you’re seeing towards AMC Movie theater from the Dream Tower of the Disneyland Hotel.

photo posted from my iPhone

Below is a picture taken to the left of the above picture, the middle view from our room, looking up Downtown Disney:

photo posted from my iPhone

Put all 3 photos together and that’s the view out of our room at the Disneyland Hotel Dream Tower. The picture below is the view looking towards the left out of our balcony sliding glass doors.

photo posted from my iPhone

I tried logging on to and posting to Disney Echo but without Wi-Fi and on AT&T Edge network it’s frustratingly slow on my iPhone. Will post there later if possible.

Monday we left the house late and unexpected Interstate 12 closure and State Trooper slow convoying made us be too late for our 6:10 am CDT departing flight. Rich on his iPhone called Continental Airlines and booked us later flights. We couldn’t sit together, though.

We went to an In and Out, popular regional hamburger chain, for lunch. Went to Target and got last minute things. Checked in. Stopped in at Lego Store. Went on walking tour of DCA with Jiminy. Rode fabulous Toy Story Mania, you guys GOTTA try that the next time you’re at WDW or Disneyland’s DCA! Ate dinner at Wine Country Trattoria. Could see all of Electrical Parade from dining venue. Dinner ran late so DCA closed at 9 pm and Soarin’ was closed at 8:40 pm before we could use our Fast Passes to there. At 5 pm line was only 30-minutes long, we shoulda just rode it then! After dinner walked in Downtown Disney and went into stores Vault 28 and Lego Store again. Went back to room and bade farewell to Jiminy/Lisa. Son found Discovery Channel and Shark Week programming but zonked out fast asleep after 15-minutes. We went to bed soon after.

Today is early entry at Disneyland and we have 9am reservations for Minnie’s character breakfast on Main Street at Plaza Inn. Cloudy this morning, mild temperatures, cooler than the Gulf Coast this time of year!

From Rich:
Yesterday we walked, from the Disneyland Hotel, through Downtown Disney, a lot of DCA, and back again, a total of 2,305 steps (1.08 miles) — in just that part of the afternoon and night.

Compare that to what I usually walk in an average day at home — 1100 to 3500 steps — and that explains why I already have two blisters!

Looking straight down from our balcony.

The exterior elevator shaft to the concierge level can be seen to the right of our balcony.

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Disneyland Hotel Dreams Tower on Mon., 7/28

This is the building where our room and home away from home is. Hard to see in the photo but the blue area animates with fiber optics and our room overlooks Downtown Disney.

Photo 7/28/08 by Carol Koster from iPhone.

photo posted from my iPhone

Here is one of the entrances to the tower we got a free upgrade to.


It is the entrance from the pool side of the tower, with a Donald Duck topiary in front of the two sliding doors.


You can see our C-PAP devices we need when sleeping: one on the desk at left and the other on the right on the bed table. There was going to be a power outage for maintenance — lasting several hours overnight, which would have interfered with our C-PAPs — on our first night, and the better Dreams tower was the only one which wouldn’t have the power outage (but is the only tower without a parking lot view which we paid for) so we got the free upgrade all week long with a room here that has a Downtown Disney view, up on the 4th floor.

The live music at Downtown Disney made walking through the area interesting each evening.


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