Other things on Paradise Pier at DCA we saw Mon., 7/28

After enjoying Toy Story Midway Mania, we walked along the boardwalk in the Paradise Pier district of Disney’s California Adventure.

Here is part of the roller coaster track of California Screamin’, a stand for churros, and a lot of parked strollers — near Toy Story Midway Mania.

These carnival-like attractions are left over from the Paul Pressler-era of Disney’s California Adventure. We just walked by them and looked. Not interested!

We didn’t ride the Sun Wheel on Monday, but did it later in the week and enjoyed it.

That day we walked past these Paradise Pier attractions because it was getting late, but Carol and I rode them later in the week.

The sunglasses-wearing dinosaur has a good selection of sunglasses inside that store.

We needed to backtrack a little bit to make a pit stop…

Burger Invasion at DCA. Not McDonalds… But it is a McDonalds! At least for now…

There is a handy restroom to the right of this, with the inside themed like Route 66 (similar to a section of the nightclub district on the Disney Wonder cruise ship.

After our vacation was over, it was announced that McDonalds would soon be kicked out of DCA and Disneyland. Yay!

I couldn’t help thinking of White Castle Hamburgers, especially since the lettering and look of the castle on the sign are similar. The billboard says “Visit the Entire Corn Dog Kingdom and shows the king at 3 other (fictional) locations of the Corn Dog Castle eateries.

The dinosaur used to be pink but was repainted to be green. I like him better that way. Mulholland Madness (wild mouse, but does not spin like the one at Disney’s Animal Kingdon) is behind the dinosaur. It will eventually be rethemed to become Goofy’s Flying School rather than a car-themed mini-coaster.

The Sun Wheel and the Golden Zephyr (and the ride vehicles are actually chrome, not golden…)

The curving building in the middle of this photograph is the roof of the Anaheim Convention Center, across the street from DCA, and it fits in quite well with the round shapes and curves of what is at Paradise Pier.


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